Adventures in Baby Food Making: Week 15 - Organic Kabocha Squash

I went to Whole Foods a few weeks ago and ran across the strangest organic squash that I had ever seen....a green pumpkin!

Well, not really, but close. Its name is the Kabocha Squash and it looks like a small pumpkin - in the winter squash family.

It can be served - cooked - to babies once they are 6 months old.

I knew Noah would like this (and not be allergic) since we have had such a variety of other winter squashes that he loved.

The preparation of the Kabocha Squash is just like that of all of our other winter squashes that we have

First, cut the squash open lengthwise and scoop and the seeds and strings.

Cut into 1 inch squares and steam for 25 minutes.

Remove from heat and cool.

Once cool, scoop out the flesh and puree.

Once pureed, fill up your ice cube trays and freeze.

Kabocha squash will keep in the freezer for 2 months.

And he truly did love it!



Sarah said…
Are you going to start feeding him meats soon? He's old enough for it now. I also would give my boys macaroni and cheese and spaghetti around 9 months. (Obviously ground up in the food processor
Aww, your baby is adorable! Just wanted to say I say I am your newest follower! Our youngest baby is two and is now no longer able to be fooled by green veggies, he knows health when he sees it, and is willing to protest it. ;) Just Kidding!

Feel free to stop by our blog at any time, we would love to have you! :)
Amo said…
I love these baby food making posts. I am having my 2nd son in a few weeks and I am going to try to make all of his food, too. I didn't with my first but I'd like to try this time!
lisad33611 said…

I've got a surprise for you over on my blog

missykade said…
Hollywood Chic has your button posted on her for you and I would love for you to sign this back for her. Please stop by and leave a message : )

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