Friday, February 24, 2012

C3* for Stress **GIVEAWAY**

 * This giveaway is being hosted by A Nation of Moms *
 I am reposting it here since I did the review :)  You may still enter through the Going Green with Noah blog

What mom out there isn’t stressed to the max? But with stress-related ailments accounting for 75 to 90 percent of all doctor's office visits (WebMD), stress is also a serious health issue. Because long vacations, kid-free days, hours at the spa and the absence of tight deadlines are just not realistic for most, there is now a new product that hopes to make it easier to reach that stress-free goal.

C3* for Stress is an all-natural, lemon-lime flavored drink mix of healthful botanicals and replenishing vitamins and minerals that helps relieve the symptoms of stress by keeping you calm, cool and connected to your natural energy. Think of it like Airborne or Emergen-C but for the stressed out crowd. It is perfect to take right before a stressful situation, a hectic travel day, or a day when you have 20 things to tackle on that to-do list!

It was developed by the same entrepreneurs behind Elixir Teas & Tonics. This was an herbal products and functional beverage brand  whose Los Angeles flagship store on Melrose was frequented by celebrities and praised by the press (InStyle, People, New York Times). It was THE destination for LA’s “who’s who” to get a little relief from the stresses of the everyday world. Combining methodologies of both Western and Traditional Chinese medicine, Jeff Stein, Edgar Veytia, and Mark Ross developed C3*.

“We didn’t want a stress formula that would make us feel ‘altered’ — either revved up or chilled out. We wanted that streamlined feeling you get when everything’s flowing at the right speed in the right direction.” ~ Edgar Veytia

C3* for Stress Product Benefits:
• Conveniently packaged in single-serve packets, the drink mix can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere
• Works quickly within 15 to 20 minutes, yet is naturally gentle
• Stimulant- and sedative-free – your mind stays clear, focused and alert• All-natural, preservative free. Sugar free; no artificial sweeteners
• 100 percent of the RDA of Vitamins B6, B12, Zinc and Niacin
• Only 15 calories

C3* is designed to fit busy people’s lives
  • Morning, noon or night - whenever stress strikes
  • Easy to take along in a pocket or purse, computer case or backpack - wherever stress finds you
  • Easy to keep nearby in a kitchen cupboard or desk drawer - convenient and handy

C3* expertly blends healthful botanicals and replenishing vitamins and minerals to create the C3* proprietary formula. The result is a healthy response to stress that combines thousands of years of healing traditions with the rigor of modern science.

BUY IT!  Go visit the C3 for Stress website and try it out yourself! A 5-pack only costs $8.95.

CONNECT! Take a moment to peruse their website and read more about stress and helpful tips as well as news and specials through Twitter and on Facebook.

Also, by liking C3 for Stress on Facebook, you can enter a daily sweepstakes to win a 15 pack of the C3 for Stress and one entry into the monthly grand prize of a $500 cash prize and a years supply of C3 for Stress!!  I've already got my entry in for today.  Facebook fans are also offered a fan-only discount!


One lucky reader will a three month's supply of C3 for Stress (6 15-Packs) valued at $120!!  The giveaway is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada. 

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Babywearing - Front v. Rear Facing

I am a huge advocate of babywearing.....not to say that I don't own a few strollers as well!

I think that a lot of people buy carriers, such as Baby Bjorn and Infantino, simply because the name is recognizable and they can be found in nearly every store.  Unfortunately, though, it seems as if people don't pay attention or really care about the differences of front facing versus rear facing.

I own an Ergo baby - after having owned 4 others!  I LOVE it ... and so have both of my kids!

Here is a great article I found today by The Eco Friendly Family that I believe that every mother should read!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Silikids Silicone-Sleeved Drinking Glasses **GIVEAWAY**

* This giveaway is being hosted by A Nation of Moms *
 I am reposting it here since I did the review :)  You may still enter through the Going Green with Noah blog

Have you ever heard anyone complain or warn about using plastic?

How many times a day do you use plastic?  Everyone uses plastic....why shouldn't I?  We have been using plastic, as a society, for over 100 years and to put it in perspective, in 2002 107 billion pounds of plastic were produced in North America, and the average American throws away about about a half a pound of plastic each day.  Not only does plastic come from petroleum and have the potential to pose toxic chemicals to our bodies, but, if not recycled, has a great impact on our environment.

Well, I haven't completely given up plastic, but I have educated myself on the dangers that plastic can present in my family's health.  There is an alternative, and I was very excited to recently receive a FANTASTIC new product from Silikids.  Entering their 6th year, Silikids was created to provide a safe alternative to the toxins found in plastics.

The set of four glasses that I received are glass and covered in a silicone sleeve. The sleeve is very attractive and has a great design!  The silicone protects the glass from breaking if dropped and also assists little hands in holding by providing a better grip.

Research confirmed that silicone was indeed a magnificent material for children:
  • it is non-toxic and hypo allergenic
  • its non-porous nature makes it clean, where no bacteria could hide
  • it has a high resistance to temperatures, making it easy to boil and sterilize (safe in dishwasher/washer/dryer)
  • it does not retain odor or transmit taste to food
  • its soft, pliable quality lends itself to multiple uses
Silikids was the first company to introduce silicone sleeves for glass baby bottles, know as Siliskins.  This concept quickly took off and Silikids eventually launched the Siliskin Glass Line; drinking glasses encased in silicone sleeves.  The company makes a variety of products ranging from kneepads for crawling babies, silicone sleeves for glass baby bottles, jars and containers as well as glass cups for kids and adults protected by their patent pending Siliskin.

Some interesting and silly facts about the Silikids family:
Here's a few facts you might not know about us:
  • You can drop a glass baby bottle from a 4 story building without it breaking! That's why the patent pending Siliskin is the best around!
  • Giuliana and Stacey (the Founders) refer to each other as their 2nd husbands.
  • You must own cowboy boots to enter the Silikids warehouse and shipping center.
  • The Silikids dog is named Wrigley...can you guess where his owner's from?
  • Every Silikids employee is a parent.
  • In caring for the planet, a very conscious effort is made to produce products that last and promote reuse. Packaging is minimal, and silicone can be recycled at specific recycling centers. Send your Silikids products back to us and we’ll have it recycled for you!

Upon receiving the Siliskin glasses, I was so excited to see that, as they claim, the packaging was minimal.  One of my biggest pet peeves upon opening a package is the overuse and waste of packaging.....this was just the opposite.  Well packaged to avoid breakage, but not excessive to cause waste.

Another great attribute of these glasses, is that they are only 6 oz. glasses, so they are small enough for little hands and mouths.  Noah is just learning how to use a cup without a lid, and the size of the cup was perfect and the silicone helped him keep a solid grip on the glass.  The only spill we encountered was when he reached across the table for a toy  and his elbow hit the glass.  I was overly excited about how great these glasses are!

I am so happy to have these new glasses as an option for mealtime and would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone with children!!!

Make sure to take a moment to visit the Silikids website to view and purchase your own Silikids products, such as a set of 7 oz. glasses with the Siliskins, their silibib, the silicone baby jar wrap or even the Silipads - the silicone knee pads!
BUY IT!  The set of four (4) 6 oz. glasses can be purchased for $24.95 by visiting or on Amazon for $25.95 with FREE shipping.

CONNECT!  Silikids has a multitude of ways that you can stay in touch and learn more about the value of silicone, of great new and innovative products as well as specials!  Come and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.  Silikids even has their own blog!


Saturday, February 4, 2012

TOMS Valentine's Day Shoes * Autism United

I found this great blog post and deal over at Autism United!

TOMS shoes are great and the cause is unparalleled!


TOMS Valentine Classic Women’s Shoes – $54.00 Buy Now

TOMS Valentine Classic Shoes Are In!
Valentine’s Day just got better! We are very excited to share with you the new TOMS women’s classic valentine shoes. The classic Valentine limited edition shoes are the PERFECT gift to help you make Valentine’s Day special. It can be hard to figure out what to get for Valentine’s Day, these limited edition TOMS shoes will really do the trick. Whether you are shopping for someone special or simply shopping for yourself, you really can’t go wrong with a pair of cute little heart shoes.

About TOMS Valentine Classic Shoes

  • TOMS Toe-Stitch, And Elastic V For Easy On And Off
  • TOMS Classic Suede Insole With Cushion For Comfort
  • Latex Arch Insert For Added Support
  • One-Piece Outsole For Flexibility And Durability

How Much Do TOMS Valentine Classics Cost?

TOMS Valentine Classic Shoes cost $54.00, which is well worth it for these magically cute little shoes! Go ahead and get them ordered now before they are gone!
TOMS Valentine Classic Women’s Shoes – $54.00 Buy Now

TOMS Coupons For TOMS Valentine Classic Shoes

While you are getting ready to purchase your limited edition TOMS Valentine women’s classics be sure to check with us for any offers available for your TOMS Valentines shoes. Make sure to the Autism United TOMS couponswith savings such as the $5.00 off TOMS . You can also save on other TOMS products including the TOMS apparel line. Every purchase made through TOMS helps support their One for One movement, so why not add some TOMS to your closet today!

Why you should Cloth Diaper!