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Going Green with Noah
The personal blog of Going Green with Noah founder Melanie Melugin, is a project initially brought to life with the pregnancy of her first child, Noah Bradley.  Going Green with Noah helps to bring readers everything from great natural parenting advice to resourceful ways to make small changes in your everyday routine to become a little bit more "green".  From informative articles to fun resources and collaborative partnership for great product giveaways, Going Green with Noah draws a loyal and insightful audience of readers who continue to educate themselves under the following categories: Going Green, Eco-Friendly Living, Giveaways, Parenting, Environment, Social Responsibility, News, Reviews, and personal posts on General Green Living and Steps.
Melanie Melugin
Melanie Melugin, Stay-at-Home mom, Homemaker and Dallas blogger, is the founder of Going Green with Noah.  A dedicated wife to Jonathan and a beloved mother to Noah Bradley and baby Amelia who is due in August.
A former British Literature teacher and subsequently a Corporate Event Planner within a Destination Management company,  Melanie continues to blog on her personal site, Going Green with Noah as well as on her family site. Melanie's devotion to her family, their well-being, the passion to educate others on the benefits of green living - no matter at what level, can all be felt through her writing - the heart of who she truly is.
Melanie is a contributor on NationofMoms.com and is active in social networking through her Facebook page and on Twitter @GreenMomMel.
Going Green with Noah is a blog not intended to simply gain followship for the opportunity to do bigger and better reviews (even though that's nice), but to stimulate intriguing conversations, enhance motivation to other families to go green and to ultimately make a small difference in this world!