Registry Completed and 13 weeks 3 days!

13 weeks ... 3 days.... belly is getting bigger by the minute!

This week was definitely interesting.

Jonathan and I enjoyed ourselves last Friday at the Colonial Golf Tournament in FW. Saw some great players, but I just had to sit down sooo one point I let Jonathan just walk around by himself while I relaxed. Of course, that is when he got on TV! LOL.

Saturday we went and saw Angels and Demons! Fantastic! I remember the book being great ~ Liked it much better than Davinci Code...still a great book. I am even more excited that Dan Brown's 5th book is set to be released in September! YEAH!

Sunday, after church, we spent the afternoon in Babies R Us registering. After 2 hours or so there, we had had enough and went home.

Although there is no shower in the works yet (that I know of), here is where we are registered:

OR - you can do a one-stop shop and hit:

Tuesday was the interesting day. Jonathan found out that as of August 1st, we will be switching insurance and benefits and they are not even going to roll over our deductibles! Ugh! Prayers for patience ... please.

Exciting news....Stacy and Jed Roseberry are in full swing in production to plant the new church. Jonathan and I are very excited and plan on helping every step of the way! I desperately miss the contemporary edge to our services from Chapel Hill! It's hard not being completely filled in church :( we go....13 Weeks, 3 days.
We have our next OB appointment next Thursday, no sonogram. BUT, our appointment after that....we get to find out the sex of the baby !!!!!!! 5 weeks and counting!

What's New with Baby:
* Fingerprints have formed
* Vocal cords are developing
* The body is starting to catch up with the head
* The baby could be sucking the thumb by now
* The baby is almost 3 inches long and weighs nearly an ounce.

The baby is now about the size of a medium shrimp:

A peach:

13 Week Belly Picture

and I also heard through the grapevine that there are some complaints that my belly shots have not shown my face .....(D*B) here you go :)

Here's what it all looks like:

Hope everyone has a great week!
Love, Jonathan and Melanie


Sarah said…
Aww baby bump is forming :)
All I could think of when looking at those size comparison photos was about the delicious shrimp I ate at Red Lobster today. lol.
Anonymous said…
Mel - so excited for you guys and glad you are feeling good. Please let me know about a shower as I would love to be a hostess. Love and miss you. - Lauren

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