Tuesday, April 21, 2009

7 weeks...and counting

Tomorrow (Wednesday) is officially 7 weeks! Yeah!

We still are in awe of the miracle.

Quick rundown of this past week:

* First and foremost - our sister in law Lena and her husband (Jonathan's brother) Philip gave birth to their beautiful baby girl on Friday. Catherine Grace. She's beautiful.....if only I'd get a chance to actually hold her! LOL.

As for me (and what Jonathan has to put up with!):

* Saturday started the nauseau...and it hasn't let up!

* Still fighting the extreme sleepiness. I'm sure that no one at work completely understands when I say that I want to find a corner, curl up and fall asleep.

* I'm a lot hungrier than I normally am.

* We announced the news to the world!!!

Where the baby is:

* He / she is now the size of a blueberry:

And measures approximately .51 inches! We've grown quite a bit - Doubling in size since our sonogram :)


* Hands and feet are emerging from developing arms and legs

* Eyelid folds are partially covering its peepers

* Both hemispheres of the baby's brain are growing

* The baby now has an appendix and a pancreas

* The umbilical cord is developing

And finally.... the 7 week (well, um) tummy? Soon enough :)

We ask that everyone keep this baby Melugin in your prayers. We pray that God protects the baby and keeps "it" healthy and happy.

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,

before you were born I set you apart" - Jeremiah 1:5

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Morning Sickness


I spoke too soon.

6 weeks 3 days and I had my first bout of true morning sickness.

Woke up at 3:00 a.m. this morning with such severe nausea and vomiting.

Went back to bed after 4:00 a.m.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Big Day ..Our First Prenatal Visit ..PICS

Today is Wednesday, April 15, 2009. Hope everyone got their taxes done!

8:00 a.m. -

It is the day of our first prenatal exam! We are both sooo excited and anxious at the same time! We really really really are anticipating the heartbeat. Pray..Pray..Pray.

The appointment is at 3:00. We have to be there at 2:30 to fill out new OB paperwork, which means that I have to leave work at 1:30 to meet up with Jonathan and head out to the doctors' office! YEAH!!!

I will continue the blog after the visit!

8:00 p.m. -

One of the most blessed moments of our lives was this visit. We arrived at the doctor's office 30 minutes early so that we could fill out new OB paperwork. When we arrived, though, we were told that there was no paperwork to be filled out. Ugh. But, they were slow, so they were able to get me in quickly.

We went back and had a quick urine test and then proceeded to the room to have the preliminary SLEW of questions regarding my past medical history. I didn't have to go through the normal first physical exam since I had had one a month earlier. We received a fun bag of stuff, including a journal, a travel diaper system and a bunch of books and literature.

Next, was the wait for the sonogram room.....

Then it was our turn.

We went in there and while we had a moment alone waiting on our doctor, we said a prayer. A prayer for health, for peace and for patience. We then had a vaginal ultrasound (which has to be done at this early stage). And there Baby Melugin was..... - only .34 cm. I had posted that I thought that I was maybe at 8 weeks based on my dates, but I am only at 6 weeks. No worries....Even then, we were able to see and HEAR the heartbeat a strong 117.9 beats per minute. Not bad for only being 6 weeks along! YEAH!!!!

Jonathan and I were both in tears. God has blessed us with a little miracle!!!

And here he / she is:

This is the measurement picture....it is the little spec in that black void

Here is the baby in the bottom left side of the void (uterus).

Here is the heartbeat - 117.9 beats per minute

We are so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so excited for the new addition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please keep us in your prayers. We pray for a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby and a healthy mommy & daddy.

OK - 6 weeks along .... our baby is the size of a lentil bean:

Or a sweet pea - however you want to look at it :)
This week's major developments:

* The nose, mouth, and ears are beginning to take shape

* Baby's eyes and nostrils and emerging ears are starting to form

* Arm and leg buds are beginning to protrude

* Heart is beating about 100 to 160 times a minute

My belly (or lack of one at this point) at 6 weeks along with our little angel:


The rest of Easter Weekend

Easter Saturday -

The day after the crucifixion of our Savior.

I actually had a little bit of energy today and even cleaned the house and did laundry! Big step for me at the moment! We decided to go to Easter Saturday services to divert some of the Easter crowds.....or so we thought.

My mom had called earlier in the day (as they had come through Carrollton to pick up Sarah's car) and let me know that she had witnessed a car drive through the arm of a train barricade and was hit by a train. Thank goodness no one was killed! News Story.

I digress, because that story caused us to be late for church. It definitely was one of the better services since our beloved Chapel Hill was eliminated at our church :(

After church, we ran some errands including Babies R Us. Of course we waited to the last minute on buying the new baby Melugin (Lena & Philip's) a gift. We called Jared to see if he wanted to go in with us - Of course, no answer.

When we got home, Jared called Jonathan. Jonathan went ahead and told Jared the great news! After he hung up, I insisted that we call everyone else since Jared knew. So first it was Kay (Jonathan's mom) who was soooooo excited! Two grandbabies in one year! Then Johnny (Jonathan's dad) - also excited! Then we called David & Layna, then Philip & Lena! I could hear Lena screaming through the phone! LOL.

On Sunday, we took it VERY VERY EASY! I was extremely tired all day long and slept a lot!!!!!

Jonathan was the handyman and (on his first attempt) was able to do electrical magic in the house! He changed our stupid broken light in the master closet from a pull chain to an actual switch! For those of you that are ignorant to the work that this entails (because I sure was), it required him to get into the attic and run wires through the wall.....cut a hole in the wall.........and then properly wire everything together. I was so proud of him.......well, that is after I woke up and realized what he had done :)

Jonathan watched the Masters - I scrapbooked ........ It was a great day!

Highly anticipating our first prenatal exam on Wednesday!!! YEAH!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The end of our GOOD Friday - 4/10/09

After the drama with Sarah's car, but coupled with the luxury of being able to stay home, I worked for a few hours in the morning and shut down. I laid down for a nap at 2:15, but was roused at 3:00 with a pounding at the front door.

My dad had been trying to get hold of me for over an hour by phone.....I do not keep my cell phone in the room when I'm sleeping.

He had come by to pick up Sarah's car and take it to the local Firestone.

Since Leslie had my car, Dad left his car here and I began to get dressed to go and pick him up. So, my dad and I had a couple of hours to spend together. We drove around, went to Target and the 99 cent store picking up items for the boys' (our nephews) Easter egg hunt that night at his house.

We stopped at Starbucks so he could get a coffee (I drank a V8) and we prepared the Easter eggs. While he was ordering, I called Jonathan and asked him to come home (it was around 430) so that we could suprise Dad and tell him. He left work...

I told Dad that Jonathan was on his way home and wanted him to see his new table saw and the router table that he was building.....I knew dad would have no other reason to come back to the house.

So, Jonathan arrived home just minutes before we did.

Dad went out to the garage to look at the new table saw and the router table. They talked shop talk and I hung out wondering how we were going to tell him. Jonathan then said, "As soon as the router table is done, I can start building the crib"

It took Dad a second to realized what he had said. He laughed at first. Then looked at me, "Are you....?" Yes!

He gave me a big hug and cried a little. He needed some good news.

He hugged Jonathan and said, "Congratulations"

It was great!

We headed over to the Cano household. Jonathan and I hid the Easter eggs on two sides of the front yard (one side for Lucas - one side for Adrian) and had the boys do their hunt before it got dark. Adrian kept saying, "Another one" - And was a little upset when he realized that there were no more eggs.

What he LOVED, though, was the fact that the eggs had squishy dinosaurs and alphabet cookies in them! Of course he LOVED that too.

At dinner, Jonathan said the blessing and in closing thanked God for our wonderful pregnancy. Mind you that only Sarah and Angela didn't know yet. Sarah's first response was "I knew it!" - LOL. Angela just looked at me with tears in her eyes, "Really?" A little taken aback. Yep!!! Really!

We truly are so blessed.

With so many bad things in this world, God has touched our lives so graciously! It started with the marriage on a binding three string cord and now a new little miracle is growing. So majestic is He.....We are humbled in his presence.

Romans 8:28 NIV:
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Friday, April 10, 2009

What a GOOD Friday - 4/10/09

It is Friday ......... Even better.......... It's Good Friday!

And what a Good Friday it is!

My final preliminary blood work was on Wednesday.

After no sleep last night, between pregnancy and drama with my sister Sarah's car, Leslie came and took my car. So that left me working from home for our less than 1/2 a day workday today!

It is 1:30 p.m. I received the highly anticipated phone call about 10 minutes ago. Amy, as everyone should know now is our nurse, called with the good news. My progesterone and HCG levels were significantly elevated! YEAH!

Dr. Herr, our wonderful Texas Tech grad OB/GYN, wants to see us for our first prenatal exam, which I already scheduled two weeks ago. We are scheduled on Wednesday, April 15, 2009 -Tax Day!

I was told by Amy that this would be our first Sonogram!

First thing - Call Jonathan.

Oh! The excitement in his voice :) He is going to be such a wonderful father - He is already such an amazing husband!!!!!

Second - Blog while I am awake - before I take my nap.

If the dating by my period is correct, I will be 8 weeks pregnant at the time of the sonogram! I can't wait to share the picture with everyone.

Although you are reading this after the fact, please pray that the heartbeat is strong!!!

Tonight we will tell Dad, Sarah and Angela as we celebrate an early Easter with the Cano family :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

We told Mom and Leslie

Today is Sunday, April 5, 2009.

We went to church this morning (Palm Sunday) and went to lunch afterwards with Mom, Leslie and Leslie's friend and mentor Mary. Mmmmmm.........Cafe Express is awesome!

Since Leslie is in town from Mexico for 2 weeks, and she hasn't seen the great handiwork of Jonathan on the new wood floors, we invited her and mom over to see the floors.

We had just cleaned the house the day before, as our good friends David & Brynn - and their two boys - came over for dinner. A great Christian couple for friends - we are truly blessed.


As we were expecting their visit, Jonathan said, "We should tell them...."

Of course my instant reaction was, "Not yet"

After some discussions that this was not like last time and that we SHOULD have family support at such a blessed time in our lives, I agreed.

They showed up, Leslie admired the floors and we relaxed in the kitchen. I had poured mom and Leslie a glass of red wine.

Jonathan and I were standing next to the sink and he just hugged me so tight.....

"We can't drink wine right now"

Well, I think they had two reactions:

1) Of course Melanie can't - She's allergic to red wine

2) We've heard this over the last 7 months - they are trying to be good as they try to conceive

Their faces showed no curiousity as to why he would have said that.

So......I responded....

"We can't drink because I'm about 6 weeks pregnant"

My mom, overjoyed, gave me one of the largest hugs that I've ever gotten from her. The funniest thing was that she said, "You're not kidding with me, right?" Ha! Of course that is not something that I would joke about!

I was so wrapped up in my mom, that later Jonathan told me that Leslie's reaction was "Are you serious?" Over and over again...

They were truly soooo excited! As we both are!

We are truly blessed.

Our final preliminary blood tests are on Wednesday, results on Friday!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bloodwork #2 - 4/8/09

My final blood appointment was at 8:15 a.m. this morning, so still no suspicions at work that I may be pregnant! Good! With the risk of miscarriage, we have decided not to tell our workplaces quite yet.

At this time, I am maintaining a 31" waist and not having a tough time with the pregnancy.

Symptoms so far:

* Extreme moodiness - People irritate me!!!! Man! Sorry to those of you at work that I have been short with - if you only knew the truth!

* SOOOOOOOO freakin' tired! Always always could just fall asleep.

* Boobs are soooo sore! There are times that Jonathan just tries to hug me and it hurts! He just laughs because he doesn't know how tight he can squeeze me

* Sleeping through the night - IMPOSSIBLE - I have had one complete night's sleep in the last 2 weeks! One more reason that I am soooo tired.

* Acne - Yes - On my cheeks.....I never break out there! Crazy! Come on Clinique - You can do it!

And you know, not much morning sickness......I think I've had two bouts of extreme nausea and it came in the middle of the night....terrible cramping of the stomach :( - but I can't complain.

We'll have bloodwork hopefully on Friday - will keep everyone posted.

Our first prenatal visit is scheduled for - TAX DAY - Wednesday, April 15!!!!!!!!

Bloodwork & Results - 4/1/09

Yes...I have my second set of bloodwork on April Fools Day. Perfect.

I got to the Dr.'s office for my blood to be drawn at 8:30 a.m. It was going to be tight getting to work on time!

I was called back and I asked the tech if my results from Monday had come in yet....."Not yet"...ugh! Frustrating!

I waited until after 2:30 p.m. to call the office and talk to Amy (the nurse) to find out if the results from Monday were in her afternoon delivery. She went to check, came back and told me that they were on the doctor's desk for review. She wasn't allowed to give me results before my doc saw them....ugh again!

I kept my phone on my hip knowing that she (my doctor) may call after she was done with her day's patients. Sure enough, she did! And can you freakin' believe that my phone didn't ring and went straight to voicemail. Gotta love cell phone reception.

Here's what she said:

* Yes - Pregnant! Yeah!

* I'm in the very very early stages of pregnancy based on the numbers (which makes me think that I am less than 6 wks. pregnant like I first thought)

* We had to be cautious and that anything could happen at this point in time

Whew....yes....still a very scary time waiting for the 12 week mark, but ..... CONFIRMATION OF PREGNANCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!

Called Jonathan IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He, of course, was SOOOOOO excited!!!

The Lord has truly blessed he and I.

I currently have a 31" waist with very little pregnancy symptoms....sore boobs and I have to pee ALL THE TIME.

Until we hear otherwise, I'll assume that we are 6 weeks pregnant.

Back to the lab on Wednesday the 8th for my final round of bloodwork.

Bloodwork - 3/30/09

Monday, March 30, 2009

Jonathan and I called our OB/Gyn today to see when we needed to come in for our first prenatal exam. They informed me that she does not see her new OB patients until they are 8-10 weeks pregnant.

For those of you who know me......this was not an acceptable answer.

I asked to speak with Amy, the nurse.

I explained to Amy that I thought that I should not have to wait that long considering my history and the mere fact that I am RH - (negative) and Jonathan is RH +. In a nutshell, RH syndrome is a defense mechanism within my body that will attack my baby around the 22nd week if not monitored after I have already been pregnant once (The first baby would not be affected - only subsequent).

Amy agreed, spoke to the Dr. and asked me to come in today.

Jonathan and I showed up at 1:45 p.m. We were called back at 2:00 and found out that all they needed to do was draw blood! No prenatal exam until 8-10 weeks! Ugh.

BUT, what she could do was watch my progesterone and HCG levels until the first visit. Monitoring these will allow her to see an increase in both of these hormones (which is what we want) that proves to her that we are successfully cookin' our baby :)

Poor Jonathan had to come all the way out there for me to get one small vial of blood drawn. Sorry baby! Love you!

Pray that the HCG levels are increased on Wednesday when I go back in.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm Pregnant! - 3/27/09

This is the first of a multitude of blogs that I will be posting regarding this topic...

I am going to backdate my journal entries, though, to the beginning, so that you may revel in our excitement.

If you are following this, I must apologize, as i will try to be as least graphic as possible ~ So guys - you may want to skip this first journal entry. The rest won't be as bad :)

So let's go to the beginning. Jonathan and I were going to wait until January of 2009 to start "trying" to have a baby. In thinking about it, though, we were really wondering why we should wait. We both have good jobs, are happy with where we are financially, are secure in our love and have become extremely close to Christ. All, may I say, foundations of a successful family.

Therefore, we began to try to have a baby in August of 2008, only 3 months after our marriage. In October of 2008, we still had yet to conceive (and not yet frustrated by this fact). We went to visit our great friends, Melissa and Mike, in North Carolina, along with their two girls, Quinn (who is my goddaughter) and baby Cate. At the tail end of our trip, Melissa snuck into the bathroom with me, where I was putting on my makeup, and told me that she had been trying to find a time to give me this......she handed a digital ovulation kit in my hand. I simply smiled.

She had been wanting to give this to me for a while, and now seemed to be the right time. So, along with the kit, she gave me several sticks as well as a quick tutorial. You better believe that I was sooooooooo excited to start using it.

I began the kit in November after my next (.) For four months, I would pee on the sticks, replenishing the sticks at CVS when I ran out. Each month it would indeed tell me that I was ovulating, but still no luck. Then fear......

In February, I had my normal cycle...stopped....then 5 days later at work, on a Monday at 9:30 a.m., I started cramping so bad that I could barely stand up. I ended up let's just say - it was bad and we'll stop there. Fortunately, and by God's grace, I had already scheduled my normal annual that day, so instead, I went in for abnormal menstruation, thinking that I was pregnant (unbeknownst to us) and had miscarried. After a few tests and some bloodwork (with my wonderful husband by my side the entire time) they determined that it must have been stress related. There was no pregnancy, nor subsequent miscarriage.

We went skiing with Azure and Doug (great friends of ours) and then one week later went to West Palm Beach for Luqui's (Mel's Grandmother) 85th birthday party. When we had come home from Florida, and as it is with women, everyone started their cycles.....I hadn't. I really didn't have my radar on, though, because I have long cycles. By the end of that week, though, around day 35, I took a pregnancy test that resulted as negative :(

Around day 38, I took another pregnancy test.....also negative....damn!

When I crossed over the 40 day mark, I really started to wonder if I was just missing that month considering my history from the previous month. On day 41 (March 27, 2009) I was driving home from work and not really thinking about pregnancy or pregnancy tests at all, but had a small voice pop in my head that said that I should really take a pregnancy test....so I did....as soon as I got home. Jonathan was not home yet.

I opened up the test, took the test and waited. I honestly forgot about it for a couple of minutes as I picked up the house and took care of the dogs. Then I remembered and walked into the bathroom, fully expecting to see a "Not Pregnant" on the digital readout screen. BUT, to my complete awe and amazement, it showed "Pregnant"

I guess I was finally "pregnant enough" to have a higher level of HCG in my urine to indicate a pregnancy. Boy! Was I suprised. 7 months after having first started trying to have a baby....here it was.

Then, my mind raced. Jonathan was on his way home ~ I had to find out how long he would be ~ I texted and had time to figure out how I was going to tell him ~ He was pumping gas.

I ran to my scrapbook table and made him a riddle.......

Let me digress on one issue. Jonathan and I had a little "tiff" the night before regarding money and we were still on sensitive ground. Ok - Back to the story. Jonathan walked in and I gave him a big hug and said, "I am so sorry about last night" (trying to throw him off of the suprise). "I made you something" - Handed him the riddle....three small pieces of cardstock that I quite didn't have time to brad together....

Page 1 - "Riddle Riddle"
Page 2 - "What do these two things have in common?"
Page 3 - Shows a picture of 2 sets of baby feet - "Congratulations Daddy! We did it!"

Tears!!! Tears!!! "Are you serious?"

I don't know if I've ever had a hug that big! (well...maybe when he married me)

Jonathan was in awe!

We said a small (well... a really big) prayer of thanks to God.

So....it's announced! We're pregnant!!!! Not sure how far along - probably about 4-5 weeks.

I will be posting several blogs (all of which are being saved as drafts until the official announcement is made). Please keep tabs! Follow our blog. I'll be posting quite a bit....trying to make it fun and interesting :)

THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!