2 Months Old & RSV

Noah is now 2 months old (9 weeeks!!!) Crazy! It seems like only yesterday and I'm sure that this won't be the last time that I ever say that!

At his 2 month appointment, Noah weighed in at 11 lb. 9.5 oz. and 22" long. He is nearly double his birth weight now.

We received a clean bill of health.

On Monday, though, we had to take Noah to the pediatrician due to some deep chest coughing and chest and head congestion. He weighed in at aver 12 pounds.

After visiting with Dr Waters, we learned that Noah had contracted RSV. It is a common virus for children to get at some point before the age of two, but the younger the patient, the more critical it can become. Because it is a virus, we have to keep him at home as much as possible, since it is so contagious. Supposedly the virus is pretty rampant right now in children.

Today, Wednesday, I took him back for a followup visit and found that he had started to wheeze and his respirations were fast. He had to have two breathing treatments (and Mommy had to hold the mask to his face against his wishes) before his respirations regulated and the wheezing stopped.

We were instructed to acquire a nebulizer (which we can rent thankfully) and give him breathing treatments every 4 hours. Thank goodness I'm used to waking up every 2 hours for feedings!

Please keep Noah in your prayers.

On happy notes, in our second month, we learned to smile.

He has since started to giggle and coo. He loves to talk to his Daddy!

Mommy is having a grand time playing dress up with Noah as well!!!

Here are some additional pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Until next time.......

Melanie, Jonathan and Noah


jamie said…
Wow, he already looks so different! I hope he gets well soon.
Dustin & Kate said…
Hang in there! Hope Noah feels all better soon. He sure is a cutie! :)

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