America Recycles Day 2010 - Today! Make the Difference

Today is America Recycles Day

Since 1997, communities across the country have come together on November 15 to celebrate America Recycles Day. More than a celebration, America Recycles Day is the only nationally recognized day dedicated to the promotion of recycling programs in the United States. One day to inform and educate. One day to get our neighbors, friends and community leaders excited about what can be accomplished when we all work together. One day to make recycling bigger and better 365 days a year.

I recycle. Do you?

Jonathan and I actually recycle so much, that we had to call Environmental Services to have them bring us a second bin - and yes - we have the large rolling bins!

Imagine what a difference you could make if you only put the trash out once a month, but needed to put the recycle bins out weekly?

Recycling makes a difference - It makes a HUGE difference - If you take the time and energy to do your part.

Most people know about paper, plastic and aluminum recycling, but did you know that it seems now that you can recycle nearly everything - as long as you find out where to take it:

  • Electronics
  • Cell Phones
  • Plastic Shopping Bags
  • Batteries (Elliot's Hardware)
Even paint and hazardous chemicals, such as fertilizers can be taken to local drop off points and either upcycled or properly disposed of!

Take the pledge!

Take the I Recycle Pledge

Recycle In Your Community

Nothing can be more daunting to would-be recyclers than trying to figure what can be recycled, when, where and how. Fortunately, with this handy widget, courtesy of our friends at Earth911, figuring out when, where and how to recycle in your community couldn’t be easier. 

Take a moment - Take the time!


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