Raw Milk: Pros and Cons

So, in my mom's group today, we had a Toddler Nutritionist come and speak to us.

She commented on the importance of drinking raw milk, from a certified local farm.

I had always heard of the dangers of consuming raw milk, but she was stating that pasteurized milk actually strips a lot of the beneficial elements of milk.

I wanted to get everyone's thoughts on this!

I found a great article describing the pros and cons to raw milk on Treehugger.com, but am still torn.

Leave a comment and let me know!


The Alpert Fam said…
We drink raw milk and Cason prefers it to pasteurized. It has more nutritional benefits and we have no worries. If it sours you have natural buttermilk!
Leslie said…
SO pro raw milk here, it's scary. Have you read Real Food by Nina Planck? That book sold me on it. Too much adulteration of our milk has left it nutritionally wonky and devoid of all the good stuff that raw has in it. Plus, with raw milk you get all the amazing cream that rises to the top - and you can make butter. NOTHING like fresh butter made from raw cream.

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