Halloween....The Green Way

It’s October – My favorite time of year!  Coming off one of the hottest summers in Texas history, you better believe that the cooler temperatures (well – low 90′s) is a nice reprieve from the 70+ days of 100 degree temperatures.
Although we don’t get the nice change of colors in the leaves like other parts of the country do, but fall is definitely in the air and my decorations come out to spice up our home.
With fall comes one of my favorite holidays to decorate for … Halloween!!!
Here are some easy ways to be a little more green and eco-friendly during the Halloween season:
Upcycle – Go to your local thrift store to find great Halloween decorations instead of buying brand new ones at the store. Or…take part on October 8th in the National Costume Swap Day!
Be conscious – Do you know what is in that face makeup that you put on your kids each Halloween?  Some children’s face paints contain lead, a neurotoxin that can harm the brain at low doses, according to new product tests documented in a report from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, a national coalition of nonprofit health and environmental groups. In the meantime, choose costumes without face paint or masks (which can also be toxic and may impede vision and breathing), or make your own face paint from natural products and ingredients. See www.safecosmetics.org/recipes#halloween for recipes (Campaign for Safe Cosmetics)
* Plant! – Create great curb appeal for trick or treaters by adding some beautiful mums planted in your front flower beds!  Cost is not an issue.  I just bought 2 plants for $2.98 each at WalMart!
* Create the indoor mood - Light soy candles around your home to create that eerie Halloween feeling!  Conventional candles actually emit toxic chemicals into the air for you and your little ones to breathe! Scary.
Ditch the plastic pumpkin!  Instead, use a reusable bag for this years trick or treating expedition!
* Save – When Halloween is over, don’t throw any of your decorations away….yes, this means down to the little black plastic spiders.  Save them for next year!
Have a great Halloween and be green in celebrating it!
A great resource for fun and eco-friendly activities for Halloween can be found on Kiwi Magazine’s website!


patchhats said…
Thanks for shared!! !! Also, I thought you mom's may be interested in the newest kids craze in my town, Patch Hats! Check out a hat you have never seen before here at www.patchhats.com
BKWilliams said…
Great ideas. Our local thrift store has an entire "Holiday" room with stuff for every holiday of the year. Good buys on nearly new stuff.

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