Why you should Cloth Diaper!



Gina Guillotine said…
19 years ago when my son was a baby, we used paper. We were apartment dwellers, and the only cloth we knew of was a diaper service, and it seemed more pricey to use that than to just use store brand paper diapers. We had NO idea of the ramifications of paper over cloth.

Four years ago, when my daughter was born, there was NO WAY I was going to use paper diapers. None. Too much information out there now, you know? Paper diapers are just NOT responsible, and with so many cute options, even little kits with PUL fabric and matching snaps for sale at Jo-Ann, there is no excuse NOT to use cloth.

Cloth diapers are so easy, and fun, and lovely, and CONVENIENT! When you run low, you don't have to worry about being short on cash, and having to run to the store for more. You just throw some in the wash, and PRESTO, you've got more clean diapers!

This guy at Target was complaining to me about how Costco didn't carry diapers in the size he needed and was trying to get me to commiserate. I was all, "Sorry, we use cloth." He goes, "Oh, I guess you like making more work for yourself. I'd NEVER make MY wife use cloth."

So many people seem to be transported right out of the "Idiocracy" movie these days. LOL

Anyway, cloth rocks the house! Once you find a diapering and laundering system that works, it's awesome, awesome, awesome! LOVE cloth.

If I had as many kids as the Duggars, I'd use cloth for every last one of them. And to see that many CUTE cloth diapers flapping on the clothesline outside in the sun? Oh, swoon. Too adorbs!
Monica said…
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