Wind Turbines : ROI ~ Is it Right for YOU?

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Wind turbines are increasing in popularity throughout the UK. The UK is the eighth largest producer of wind power with a staggering total of 3506 wind turbines throughout the country located at wind farms and offshore wind farms.

When turning to renewable energy to power your home or office you have a choice of solar or wind energy, both are completely renewable, safe and offer their own range of benefits. These benefits include low CO2 emissions and large cost savings.

Choosing wind turbines enables the user to reduce the amount of electricity they use off the grid; this saving alone will easily pay off the initial wind turbine cost. It is believed that it will generally take three to five years to pay back the initial investment when looking at wind turbines ROI.

Cost Effective Renewable Energy Solution

If you are considering wind energy to run your office or home you need to bear in mind that there are a couple of factors that will influence how much energy your turbine will produce. Wind energy generated will depend on environmental obstacles which can reduce the amount of wind reaching the turbine, causing turbulence and reducing the amount of power generated. This is seen in urban areas with larger structures surrounding the sites.

The annual wind turbines ROI is believed to be as follows, according to annually mean site wind speed:

·      5m/s offer 21.706 kWh per year totalling £7,000.
·      6m/s offers31.176 kWh per year totalling £10,000.
·      7m/s offers 39.649 kWh per year totalling £13,000

As you can see from your average electricity usage, you could easily pay back your initial wind turbine investment within three to five years.

Wind energy produces 2.5% of the world’s power as of 2010 and is growing at a rapid and steady pace. In 2010 Spain was considered the leader when it comes to wind energy.

If you are looking at using wind energy and are working out wind turbines ROI it’s good to know that a wind turbine can produce electricity eighty five per cent of the time, depending on the wind speed.

It is believed that this type of energy is one of the safest energy technologies to date, it’s affordable for many homes and offices and is quiet, and you won’t hear them when the wind is blowing.

How Do Wind Turbines Work?

Wind is less turbulent the higher you go, this is why most wind turbines are located on high poles, this is where the blades are able to capture the most amount of energy. An important consideration if looking at this form of renewable energy and working out your wind turbines ROI.

The wind turns the blades of the turbine which spins a shaft connected to a generator which in turn makes electricity. Most turbines have two or three blades that are set at a specific angle to capture as much of the wind as possible.

These wind turbines are used regularly for agricultural land throughout the country, you often notice a field filled with large turbines turning and generating power. It has been recorded that eight out of ten people are eager to see more wind energy used, while only two out of ten people are against the prospect.

The wind turbines ROI is excellent, offering a higher and faster return on your investment than most of the other renewable source options available. Of course location plays a large role. However, Ploughcraft have regional offices in North, Midlands, South East and South West with a visitors centre based in Yorkshire where you can get your location tested to determine the wind speeds average and determine if wind turbines ROI is right for you.


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