4 Eco-Friendly Strollers

They don't make a Prius for babies yet, but your Flintstone-style pushing power is definitely a source (or drain) of clean energy, and a good healthy workout at that! Put it to good use with these strollers, strong enough for a mother but made for Mother Earth:

1. Bumbleride Natural Editions

The Natural Edition strollers that Bumbleride manufactures use an exterior fabric containing 50% recycled material. In addition, the seating surfaces are made of a 50% bamboo blend that helps absorb moisture and regulate temperature. The Natural Edition option is available on its Indie model, as well as the doublewide Indie Twin and lighter Flite models.

The Indies both come with 12” air-inflated tires while the Flite features smaller dual suspension wheels for a smooth and comfortable ride. Available colors for the Natural Edition are “ocean” and “walnut.” The Flite starts at around $250 and the Indie is about twice that.

2. BabyPlanet Endangered Species line

BabyPlanet, as the name might imply, was founded with an ecological mission at its core. While unfortunately their innovative stroller recycling program has been put on hold as they look for a new partner, they are finding other ways of honoring this goal.

One is the line of Endangered Species strollers, which exist to raise awareness but are also unbelievably cute. They are themed to resemble three threatened organisms: the Giant Panda, the Monarch Butterfly, and the Lemur Leaf Frog. BabyPlanet donates a portion of their profits to the Audubon Society, the National Wildlife Federation, and the World Wildlife Fund.

3. Orbit Baby G2

On all the upholstery that will be touching your little passenger, Orbit strollers employ micro-fiber fabrics that are certified to meet the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, an international certification that sets strict limits on the presence of over 200 potentially harmful substances (everything from allergens to arsenic). Oeko-Tex® certification has been endorsed by the Consumer Products Safety Commission, and is used, for instance, on all Volvo interiors.

It is no small feat to meet both this standard and state flame retardancy requirements simultaneously, and Orbit must be very selective about the textile mills they work with. The G2 model also features a BPA- and PVC-free dishwasher-safe snack tray.

4. Stokke Xplory

Another way to think about eco-friendliness when it comes to strollers is this: how long can you count on the useful life of the stroller to be? In the case of the Xplory, marketed as “the only stroller you'll ever need,” with a brilliant, almost Transformer-like design that morphs form a carriage for newborns to a mommy-facing design for infants and a forward-facing setting with adjustable footrest for ever-expanding legroom as your toddler becomes larger and more independent.

Stokke has made a corporate commitment to reducing CO2 emissions and is a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative Norway.

Finally, remember: it doesn't matter so much how green your stroller is if you throw it in a landfill when your kid is grown. Look into options for recycling strollers in your area, or sell or give away your old strollers, and consider the possibility of hand-me-downs yourself (but make sure you look into their manufacturer).

This guest post is provided by Mariana Ashley, who writes about educational issues for OnlineColleges.net and can be reached by email at mariana.ashley031@gmail.com.


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