Cleaning Your Face. There is a Difference!

So what is the difference between the Macro E and the Clarisonic?
SO many of my friends asked for and received the Clarisonic for Christmas (which I was bummed that they didn't buy the MacroE from me!)
The Clarisonic brush cleans, softens and smooths skin. The brush is gentle, and it removes makeup, oil and dirt more than manual cleansing. 
The Macro Exfoliator, on the other hand, is a hand-held, personal at-home, do-it-yourself, exfoliation tool that sweeps away dead skin cells by removing the top two layers of your skin, leaving your skin smoother and healthier looking with a more vibrant and healthy complexion. 

The Macro Exfoliator has a diamond tipped head and is the most significant difference between the two products.  By using this product for only 5 minutes a week, you will safely remove 5 million dead skin cells!
Lack of exfoliating and sun exposure are the biggest contributors to older looking, dull skin. 
So, while the Clarisonic is a good product, it does not compare.
Even, InStyle magazine spoke up to promote the MacroE over the Clarisonic tool, an unendorsed and unsponsored article by R&F. 

Another great tool for the MacroE companion app.  With your purchase of the Macro E, you will receive a unique code that will allow the app to follow your progress!  The app allows you to schedule weekly reminders, track your progress with a personalized photo journal, get exclusive tips from Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields and connect with other users. Activate the app today and start REDEFINING your skin’s future.
Curious as to what this tool can do for you?  Let's do this!
Remember that by becoming a Preferred Client (PC), you will reduce the cost by 10% and receive free shipping!  These two things pretty much pays you back for the cost of the one-time membership fee!

Before and After with the MacroE


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