Jonathan's 34th Birthday

February 20, 2009 ~ Jonathan's 34th Birthday!


We had to celebrate on Thursday the 19th, as Melanie was headed to Waxahachie that weekend for a Women's Retreat.

Jonathan did not know what to expect, and although small and quaint, we had a great time!

Juan (Melanie's Dad) stuck it out with chronic back pain ~ We were glad to have him there! Also, Sarah & Angela (Melanie's sisters') and Sarah's boys, Adrian & Lucas, all met up at BJ's in Addison for dinner.


Actually, not sure what Lucas was eating, but he sure couldn't get enough:

Jonathan received some pretty awesome gifts:

A Dremel from Dad

A Visor Clip & Christian CD from the Puppies

A Bosch Jigsaw with Orbital Action from Melanie

We had such a great time!

(Jonathan, Melanie & Nephew Adrian)

Happy Birthday Jonathan!!!!


Sarah said…
The thing Lucas has on his fork (since you said you weren't sure) is a big chunk of my baked potato...what you're seeing is the skin side, with some cheese on it

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