Women's Retreat 2009

Arise my darling, my beautiful one, and come with me" ~ Song of Solomon

I attended the Christ Church Women's Retreat this past weekend with not a whole lot of expectations. . . . I should have known that God would have great expectations!

I was a part of the leadership committee....well, I tried to be. I was given the task of "beautifying" the area in which our guest speaker would be presenting...that I did....for free - thanks to everyone who donated goods!

I had time to venture amongst the property lines, into the woods, and reflect....to find peace, find my center and reconnect with God.

It was amazing!

I even took a moment to take time in the prayer room and pray for many of the problems and issues that we have in our lives right now. Traci Cockrell was absolutely perfect ~ praying for me through my tears in the most beautiful and tranquil prayer. Not to get into specifics, but after telling her what has been weighing on my heart, we prayed together. Afterwards, she told me that it was not complete and that she felt as if else was needing prayer in my life. I was taken aback....as there is something that Jonathan and I have been endlessly praying about in our own lives. I told her of this and we once again prayed. This time...it was complete...it was perfect! Thank you Traci!

Yhe guest speaker, CJ, from Saddleback Church in California spoke three one-hour sessions about the beauty found within. On how to focus on inward versus outward beauty.....to focus on what God deems as beautiful rather than what society sees.

All in all, my eyes were opened to the power of the Holy Spirit and I felt a sense of renewed spirit within myself.

I am blessed.

As you can see, there are some pictures here from my trip, but for a complete collection of pictures, click here: WOMEN'S RETREAT PICTURES


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