Wednesday, July 29, 2009

21 weeks, Babymoon and a GREEN Baby Registry Online

We are officially at 21 weeks and 1/2 way through! YEAH!


Our little man has been SO very active the last few days, kicking up a whirlwind in my belly. So much, that not only could Jonathan feel his first true kick, but could also see my stomach twitch as the baby kicked! It was amazing.

Jonathan has had a "floating" holiday that he needed to use by the end of July and he surprised me with a trip to San Antonio this past weekend. This would be our official baby moon. Outside of the 100+ temps along with the 95% humidity, we had a great time.

We visited the Alamo, 2 of the missions, the Riverwalk, the Tower of the Americas and the Natural Bridge Caverns.......and walked WAY too much :) We had such a great time....Here are some pictures!




In the meantime, I have been swept away by a book called Green Babies, Sage Mom. A friend of mine let me borrow it and it has really turned our world upside down! I might actually have to post a couple of blogs about what we have learned!

Quickly, though, we have learned that -parabens are a no-no. These preservatives are found in nearly all cosmetics and body products and have been linked to cancer. The American Cancer Society actually listed them as "highly suspicious." I mean if our skin is our largest organ and absorbs 60% of what it comes in contact with....wouldn't you give a second thought to what you put on it? Especially if youare carrying around a little miracle?

So, a couple of changes that we have made:

* Tossed most products that have parabens in them (makeup, lotions - yes even the belly butter!) You'd be amazed how many things in your house have these in them.

* Started trying safer methods of washing our clothes

* Started trying safer methods of cleaning our house

* Even registered with an additional online baby company that provides safe and natural products (Baby Earth). The quick link to see all items registered at all three stores on one simple page is and put our name in. Love that site! The baby earth products even have a coupon :)

So....we are now at 21 weeks, closing in on 22 weeks.

Here is what is happening:

Belly Picture (At the San Juan Mission)

The Baby Is:

* Is the size of a banana and weighs almost a pound
* He is practicing breathing by "breathing in and out" amniotic fluid
* He is now a full tiny version of what he will look like when he is born
* He's moved from "popcorn" and "flutter" feelings to full on kicks and nudges - which you can physically feel and see outside of my belly!

We'll post again next week - for week 22!

Jonathan & Melanie

Sunday, July 12, 2009

19 Weeks - Lots of pictures!

As everyone read this past week, we are highlyanticipating the arrival of our little baby boy :) It is still quite surreal to the both of us that we are having a boy, given that two of his brothers have fathered girls. This will be the first Melugin grandson :) Granted - Melanie's mom screamed when she heard the great news!!!

We have really been contemplating the name that we will give to our child. None have really stood out yet, so we have been praying that God will help us with that!

On Saturday, we started the first of our Bradley classes. For those of you that are unfamiliar with that, the Bradley method is also known as "husband coached birthing." It is a form of study for natural delivery. We have chosen to do a natural childbirth for a couple of reasons: 1) God has given women the gift of carrying and delivering children into this world and I want to experience that. 2) I know a few people that have had horrible experiences with epidurals and drugs, so I would
prefer to avoid that risk. 3) For the pure health of the baby and myself. I believe that this is a decision that each woman should make for herself and there is no right or wrong decision. Jonathan and I have simply decided that this is the perfect way for us.

The class was amazing. It is an 8 week course held in the home of our Bradley instructor, Shelley. Shelley is 30 weeks pregnant with her 4th child and has delivered both naturally and medicated. There are two other couples in our class - of which both are also newlyweds and first time parents :)

We learned some pregnancy exercises and the simple basics of the Bradley method. What I LOVE about all of this is that it really does involve the father. He has a crucial role in helping me come time for delivery. It also empowers him to be supportive and encouraging during the pregnancy with the lifestyle changes that we are making, including the exercises! Jonathan is sooooo amazing!!!!

You will be hearing a lot more about our classes in future posts.

So - we are 19 weeks along - nearly 5 months pregnant!

One thing that I've really noticed this last week is the increase in the amount of hiccups that he is having. It actually woke me up a couple of times the other night.

Its funny, because you could tell in the ultrasound that he is already starting to lose space in my tummy. His legs seemed a little cramped for space!

At 19 weeks - his brain is designating specialized areas for smell, taste, hearing, vision, and touch.

He should be able to hear by now, so we have been trying to read to him on a consistent basis. If we are too tired to pull out the fairy tales or Dr. Suess books, he at least gets to listen to us reading our bible each night.

By our last ultrasound, he weighs about half a pound and measures about 6 1/2 inches, head to bottom.

He is about the size of a 6" Subway Sub:

The only annoying pregnancy symptom that I deal with now is the sharp pains in my side as the uterine ligaments grow. Jonathan and I use these to help him get used to comforting and getting me through minor pains, so that he will be (and I will too) a little more confident and relaxed come labor time.

My belly is growing daily - Here is the proof:

Also, here are some more ultrasound pictures for everyone.

his thumb -
Can you see all five fingers? Amazing.

Great profile shot.

Scary Skeleton Face -
Can you see the iris? Very cool!

Have a great week!

Jonathan and Melanie

Thursday, July 9, 2009

So - Is it a boy or girl???

We would like to announce to our family and friends the upcoming arrival of our little BOY!!!!

This will be the first Grandson on the Melugin side and the 3rd on the Cano side. Of course, both sides are ecstatic!

It's funny - the first question we are being asked is if we have
picked out names yet :) The answer is....not yet. We are go
ing to take our time in deciding on a name for our little man. What we are going to try and do, though, is not announce his name until he is born.

I will be posting our 19 week blog this wee
kend, but here our proof from our sonogram from today:

And just a great Profile Shot....

Thursday, July 2, 2009

18 weeks....

Can you believe that we are nearly halfway through our pregnancy already!?!  Insane!

We continue to have some movement, most of which Jonathan cannot feel.  I have awful times sleeping and staying comfortable without waking in with searing pains in my belly because I laid the wrong way! Yuk.  All in all, though, we are all doing great!  

We are looking so forward to next Thursday, the 9th.  This will be our monthly OB appointment with a technical sonogram..... what does that mean?  If the baby cooperates, we learn if we are having a little boy or girl!  We 
can't wait to share the great news!

Hopefully soon, we will have the furniture out of what will be the nursery and can begin the beginning stages of setting up the baby's new room.  Step 1 - Paint!  Yes - Daddy will have to enjoy that all by himself.

After leaving work today, I was very excited, because Jonathan took me shopping at Motherhood Maternity and we got a maternity bathing suit, several shirts, a pair of crop pants and a pillow wedge (for sleeping)!
  OK - Then we went to Foot Locker and bought him a great new pair of tennies :)

We are coming up on the 4th of July weekend and we have a great weekend planned.  We are actually going to be able to sleep in on Friday and then we are going to meet up with some friends at Hawaiian Falls in Garland.  Too bad I can't be a kid and take on the slides....Lazy river, here I come!  Then we'll head over to their house for dinner.  Mmmmm.....

On Saturday, we are going to chill out in the morning and afternoon and then head to a Pool Party with our new Church (Restoration Anglican Church).  Very fun!

Sunday is church and more relaxation....ahhh....I love it!

OK - So, 18 weeks - here is where we are .... and it's amazing.


The baby is now the length of a bell pepper:

or a Sweet Potato:

*  The baby is about 5 1/2 inches long 

*  Ears are now in their final position, which means that the baby can hear our voice.  We have been quite good about reading to our little one before we go to bed each night.

*  All the genitals are in place and visible!  So, let's hope that he/she is NOT modest a week from today!!!!

This is what it all looks like:

Well, we will post next Thursday or Friday - Hopefully with the exciting news!!!

Love everyone!

Jonathan, Melanie and Baby