So - Is it a boy or girl???

We would like to announce to our family and friends the upcoming arrival of our little BOY!!!!

This will be the first Grandson on the Melugin side and the 3rd on the Cano side. Of course, both sides are ecstatic!

It's funny - the first question we are being asked is if we have
picked out names yet :) The answer is....not yet. We are go
ing to take our time in deciding on a name for our little man. What we are going to try and do, though, is not announce his name until he is born.

I will be posting our 19 week blog this wee
kend, but here our proof from our sonogram from today:

And just a great Profile Shot....


Sarah said…
Yay! So excited!!! That is a great profile shot. I knew you were having a boy. We didn't decide on a name for Lucas until about 5-6 weeks before he was born. I think naming boys is hard. Also, I like how you say what you're going to TRY to do is keep it a secret ;)
Sarah said…
Oh, I forgot to add that Adrian already named your baby for you so the secret's out.
Dustin & Kate said…
Congrats! Little boys are so much fun! I know y'all are so excited to now be able to call the baby "he" instead of "it"! :)
So excited for yall!! You'll just love having a little boy--they are so much fun and so full of life and love! Congrats! (By the way--we didn't tell anyone Tucker's name until he was born either; it was kinda fun that way!)
Karen said…
What a lucky little guy - there will be no shortage of love and care for him. I am happy for you all!

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