18 weeks....

Can you believe that we are nearly halfway through our pregnancy already!?!  Insane!

We continue to have some movement, most of which Jonathan cannot feel.  I have awful times sleeping and staying comfortable without waking in with searing pains in my belly because I laid the wrong way! Yuk.  All in all, though, we are all doing great!  

We are looking so forward to next Thursday, the 9th.  This will be our monthly OB appointment with a technical sonogram..... what does that mean?  If the baby cooperates, we learn if we are having a little boy or girl!  We 
can't wait to share the great news!

Hopefully soon, we will have the furniture out of what will be the nursery and can begin the beginning stages of setting up the baby's new room.  Step 1 - Paint!  Yes - Daddy will have to enjoy that all by himself.

After leaving work today, I was very excited, because Jonathan took me shopping at Motherhood Maternity and we got a maternity bathing suit, several shirts, a pair of crop pants and a pillow wedge (for sleeping)!
  OK - Then we went to Foot Locker and bought him a great new pair of tennies :)

We are coming up on the 4th of July weekend and we have a great weekend planned.  We are actually going to be able to sleep in on Friday and then we are going to meet up with some friends at Hawaiian Falls in Garland.  Too bad I can't be a kid and take on the slides....Lazy river, here I come!  Then we'll head over to their house for dinner.  Mmmmm.....

On Saturday, we are going to chill out in the morning and afternoon and then head to a Pool Party with our new Church (Restoration Anglican Church).  Very fun!

Sunday is church and more relaxation....ahhh....I love it!

OK - So, 18 weeks - here is where we are .... and it's amazing.


The baby is now the length of a bell pepper:

or a Sweet Potato:

*  The baby is about 5 1/2 inches long 

*  Ears are now in their final position, which means that the baby can hear our voice.  We have been quite good about reading to our little one before we go to bed each night.

*  All the genitals are in place and visible!  So, let's hope that he/she is NOT modest a week from today!!!!

This is what it all looks like:

Well, we will post next Thursday or Friday - Hopefully with the exciting news!!!

Love everyone!

Jonathan, Melanie and Baby


Sarah said…
Enjoy your rest while you can...... :P

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