21 weeks, Babymoon and a GREEN Baby Registry Online

We are officially at 21 weeks and 1/2 way through! YEAH!


Our little man has been SO very active the last few days, kicking up a whirlwind in my belly. So much, that not only could Jonathan feel his first true kick, but could also see my stomach twitch as the baby kicked! It was amazing.

Jonathan has had a "floating" holiday that he needed to use by the end of July and he surprised me with a trip to San Antonio this past weekend. This would be our official baby moon. Outside of the 100+ temps along with the 95% humidity, we had a great time.

We visited the Alamo, 2 of the missions, the Riverwalk, the Tower of the Americas and the Natural Bridge Caverns.......and walked WAY too much :) We had such a great time....Here are some pictures!




In the meantime, I have been swept away by a book called Green Babies, Sage Mom. A friend of mine let me borrow it and it has really turned our world upside down! I might actually have to post a couple of blogs about what we have learned!

Quickly, though, we have learned that -parabens are a no-no. These preservatives are found in nearly all cosmetics and body products and have been linked to cancer. The American Cancer Society actually listed them as "highly suspicious." I mean if our skin is our largest organ and absorbs 60% of what it comes in contact with....wouldn't you give a second thought to what you put on it? Especially if youare carrying around a little miracle?

So, a couple of changes that we have made:

* Tossed most products that have parabens in them (makeup, lotions - yes even the belly butter!) You'd be amazed how many things in your house have these in them.

* Started trying safer methods of washing our clothes

* Started trying safer methods of cleaning our house

* Even registered with an additional online baby company that provides safe and natural products (Baby Earth). The quick link to see all items registered at all three stores on one simple page is www.amazingregistry.com and put our name in. Love that site! The baby earth products even have a coupon :)

So....we are now at 21 weeks, closing in on 22 weeks.

Here is what is happening:

Belly Picture (At the San Juan Mission)

The Baby Is:

* Is the size of a banana and weighs almost a pound
* He is practicing breathing by "breathing in and out" amniotic fluid
* He is now a full tiny version of what he will look like when he is born
* He's moved from "popcorn" and "flutter" feelings to full on kicks and nudges - which you can physically feel and see outside of my belly!

We'll post again next week - for week 22!

Jonathan & Melanie


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