3 Months Old

Noah is officially 3 months old today !! I have had NO time to blog!

In an unofficial weigh in, Noah is approximately 13.5 lbs.

He is getting soooo big!!! He is nearly in 6 month clothes now! I mean,

seriously, look at those cheeks!

He has successfully and completely recovered from RSV with a lot of hard work and prayers. Thanks to all of you who prayed for his health.

Its been fun being able to truck him around town now and not have to keep him inside. We've been to Grapevine Mills with Grandma and even used our first Koala Bear changing station....

We've visited Daddy at work and met his friends.........

We went to lunch with our friend Bill, but forgot to take a picture - Oops!

We went to the Gaylord OP office and visited the girls.

Noah has found his hands and is constantly sucking on them. He tries to talk a lot more - a lot of coos and giggles. He loves to smile and laugh - Especially with Daddy!!!

Noah had his first Valentines Day which we have already posted pictures for. We had a great time doing the photo shoot!

He has even started to enjoy his swing - He used to HATE it!!! And yes - that is a hairdryer you hear in the background!

We even had the great experience (Extreme Sarcasm) to stay at a local hotel when our power went out with the snowstorm. It was awful having to drive in those conditions with a baby, two dogs and a fish - all of our luggage and then trying to sneak the dogs into the hotel. Wow. The house was just about to drop into the 50s though and knew it wasn't safe for Noah.

Noah is still keeping Mommy and Daddy awake by waking up every 2-3 hours to feed. I can't wait until that stretches out!

Until next post....

Jonathan, Melanie and Noah


Sarah said…
That is sooo funny, because this is about the age that Lucas started enjoying his swing (and we got a lot of use out of it until he was about 7 months old), and if he was fussy I'd turn on my hairdryer and he'd immediately stop! Watching that little video was so funny because it reminded me of all that!

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