Friday Friends

We went to the Outstanding Productions Dallas office to visit our friends on Friday. Many of the OP and Fauxcades crew had yet to meet our little man, so we figured that it was time to visit.

We had a great time, especially with Uncle Jeff!

Uncle Jeff

Stacie - The momma to be :)

Emily and Stella

We had a great homemade spaghetti lunch before we became very angry.

We tried to eat, tried to rock to sleep and even pulled out the travel hairdryer (thus blowing a fuse!), but nothing would calm baby Noah down. So after 2 hours, we left and immediately fell asleep in the car.

We did some last minute shopping for Daddy's birthday and then wrapped the presents up.

Once Daddy got home, we began our nighttime ritual - bath, rubdown, rock and then to bed.

What an active day it was!


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