Midnight Rising: Warning Signs for This Generation

I recently had the great opportunity to review "Midnight Rising: Warning Signs for This Generation" by William Anderson Simpson.

I have been somewhat fascinated with the coming times and the promise of salvation for quite some time now.  I've read most of the Left Behind books and tried to read Revelations - simply needing a formal bible study on that one to understand all of the analogies!

This book is provocative and a great source of reading about the coming Rapture, with evidenced proof with paralleled scripture.  Insights into the book of Daniel and Revelations opens our eyes to the possibility of the End Times being much closer than we may anticipate.

Revelation describes the Nation of the Beast and Anderson argues that this nation is no-one other than the United States of America.  Anderson reveals quite interesting arguments in a layman's manner and challenges us to be open to the Word and its promises to us.

I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend this book to anyone that is interested in the prophesies of the end times in the Bible and the role that the U.S. stands in it.



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