Toddler Grazing Trays

One of the newest things that Noah and I have been doing for our morning snack is implementing Grazing Trays.

In reading several articles and research, the blood sugar of a toddler drops significantly around 1030 in the morning and it is important to have healthy options for snack.

Creating a grazing tray of various different items that he can choose at his discretion, gives him options and makes mommy happy that he is eating healthy..... Now we just have to work on not turning the trays over....and keeping the dogs away from them!

This one is simply an ice cube tray and has celery and carrots with ranch dip, cucumbers, apples, pita chips with hummus and bell peppers.

This grazing tray was used with a silicone bread tray and featured apples, walnuts, pita bread and carrots - with a side of watermelon!


BKWilliams said…
Smart idea! Children need to have healthy snacks and allowing them to have a choice is great.
Sarah said…
wow love it love it love it!

Question: what're u doing w the restg of the food (i.e. U have a few slices of everything, what do u do w the rest?)
Anonymous said…
I love the idea with the ice trays. I wish I would have tried that when my kids were younger. My son who is 9 now won't try anything. He just claims he doesn't like it without trying it. My daughter tries more foods. I am worried about my son's nutrition. Now he refuses to take vitamins too.
Patty said…
My toddlers don't eat fruit or green a lot so this idea is so great! I'll try it too!

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