Mickey Mouse Band-Aid Collector Tin

I am stuck on Band-Aid cuz Band-Aid's stuck on me!

Who has not had this song go through their head once or twice in their life?

Band-Aid brand bandaids are one of the most recognized products on the market for adults and children alike.

From their wide variety of sizes to styles, Band-Aid has a huge market share in the first aid industry.

I was fortunate enough, recently, to receive and review Band-Aid's newest product - the Band-Aid brand Band-Aid featuring Mickey Mouse on the bandaids, as well come in a Mickey Mouse Limited edition Collector's Tin.

The tin comes with 20 Band-Aid in assorted sizes and a variety of different Mickey Mouse images. The sleek image of the tin is appealing to the eye, but is also compact (and durable) enough to store in the vastness of my purse and diaper bag.

Noah is your typical little boy - full of energy, which equals a lot of bumps and bruises, especially on his knees!

Noah loved the Mickey Mouse Band-Aids and since his vocabulary is still somewhat basic, he would relate the bandaids to "Hot Dog".... for those of you whose children watch the Disney Channel, the reference is directly related to the Hot Dog song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

These Band-Aids can be purchased on Amazon.com for $7.86 or if you Subscribe and Save, the cost is reduced to $6.68.

Make sure to go and "Like" Band-Aid on Facebook and submit your best (worst) fashion malfunction story for a chance to win amazing prizes by Cynthia Rowley!!

These Band-Aids are great and a great choice for both the child and collector alike!


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