Shades of Green

It's interesting ever since we became a "green" family the comments that we receive - and yet the crazy misconceptions that people have.

When I mention that we try to be as green as we can - I am undoubtedly looked at as a mom who is holistic and practices attachment parenting. Please know that I find nothing wrong or peculiar about these lifestyle choices, it is just a lifestyle that is not right for my family.

I must then explain the shades of green concept.  There are those families who choose to do the bare minimum - good job! The bare minimum still helps our environment and is one step closer to bettering the world that we live in!  Then you have the other side of the spectrum - those families who choose not to vaccinate their children and refuse to own a bit of plastic.  Is there anything wrong with either end? That is up to individual interpretation, but as not to offend anyone - this simply means that they are different shades of green!

What I regularly remind people of is the fact that we are all on this Earth.  We all use and share water, resources and air - and yet there is only one Earth - we have no backup - no plan B. Therefore, it is our responsibility to conserve and sustain what we have.

Many people feel as if going green is a difficult process to begin - and even harder to maintain.  Know that although there are a plethora of ways to live green, it takes a first step - a conscious effort.  For instance, begin with recycling - Each week try to get better about your knowledge of how to recycle, what is recyclable in your area, etc.  The first week - recycle your newspapers, then extend into all of your glass and plastic jars that you use when cooking (don't forget to rinse them out first), then take on bigger and better things - electronics, etc.  Every time that you go to throw something out - ask yourself - "Can I recycle this?" If not, could you repurpose that item?

I recently found a great guide of 5 shades of green from - Read through and see which one you fall into.  Then, take a could you do better?

Being green is not as black and white as it may seem.  I'm my own shade of green - breastfeeding onlycloth diapering about 60% (using Earth's Best Chlorine Free Diapers the rest of the time), recycling (A LOT!), only buying meats, fruits and veggies and milk that are organic, only using the "good" plastics, buying non-organic foods using the guide, "The Dirty Dozen," we use Green Mountain Energy and then additionally donate to support wind power, along with a lot of other things.  We could do more, we choose not to do others, but however you practice being green - it is not wrong.  Every little bit helps this world become a better place!
Jennifer Boulden of had a great statement, “Adopting a green lifestyle means doing what you can, knowing that no one is perfect and we don’t have to try to be."

Take charge of your own life - Then help others.

It's our duty - It's our livelihood - It's the only home we have!


Brenda Williams said…
This is really good information. I did not know about the shades of green. Thank you for sharing.
Great post! I like that you pointed out that if we're just barely green, we're still contributing to helping our family, our community, and our environment. We are being the change that we want to see in the world and it will slowly start growing into a snowball.

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