11 weeks

We are now 11 weeks along....actually a few days past 11 weeks.
As I am noticing that the morning sickness is not as often, it still happens - and sometimes quite quickly and violently.

I have also noticed over the past week more muscle cramping over the top of my belly and right underneath. At the same time, Jonathan and I notice some significant growing of my belly, even though other people might not be able to yet.

Another strange thing, is that it is actually extremely uncomfortable for me to lay on my right side anymore. I actually laid down on my right side last night to hug Jonathan and had a very strong muscle constriction all across the top and side of my belly and had to immediately roll over.

I had to miss work one day this week (Tuesday) as I woke up so tired that I was dizzy and couldn't really focus and then started getting sick almost immediately. I still got ready to go to work and got dressed, but I still couldn't make it out the front door. I ended up sleeping for nearly 4 hours straight after that. Wow. But....I was really sick at work yesterday too. I feel bad for the two women that work in the front near the restrooms with me....they had to hear it all! Sorry.

We are now only 1 1/2 weeks away from the second trimester. We hear that it gets better and we pray that it does. I am really excited to start enjoying the pregnancy!
What's going on with the baby this week:
* Baby is just over 1 1/2 inches long - between the size of a fig...

or a lime...

* Hands will soon open and close into fists
* The baby already is busy kicking and stretching, but we knew this after our last ultrasound
* The baby's diaphragm is forming and has started to hiccup, even though I can't feel it.

Here is what is going on in me:

For those that are interested, here is an amazing video of a recreation of what the baby is going through - make sure that you are watching the video for 10-14 weeks.

Well, that's it for this week.

Please continue to pray for the baby - for continued health and strength. For me, that the sickness subsides and I can start enjoying being pregnant. For Jonathan, for strength and patience with me :)


Sarah said…
Well it won't be long before you start feeling the kicking and hiccups too. The hiccups are funny - I always laughed at the boys when they got hiccups - I could hear Nelson from the Simpsons in the back of my head going "Ha ha!"

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