9 weeks

OK. So we missed posting 8 weeks. We had a very hectic week between severe morning sickness and traveling to Atlanta for our great friend Julie's wedding.

So today is 9 weeks!

As I previously mentioned, the morning sickness has been debilitating! After missing work because it was so bad, I finally called the OB for some relief. She was a doll and called in a prescription of Zofran and also told me to get some B6 tablets. Hopefully this will work!

OK. Here's the details for 9 weeks:

Our baby is about an inch long - about the size of a grape.

Or a Green Olive (EWWWWW!!!)

New this week:

* The embryonic "tail" is completely gone
* All the baby teeth beneath the gums are fully developed
* Eyes are fully formed, but the eyelids are fused shut and won't open until 27 weeks.
* The baby's basic physiology is in place and is poised for rapid weight gain

We've noticed that I'm starting to put on weight around the midsection.....I've never had tummy fat before. Interesting. LOL. Here is my tummy at 9 weeks - Sitting at 31.5" _ I actually had a hard time buttoning my pants at work today! LOL. Time for the belly band I guess!

Our next doctor's appointment is next Wednesday, May 13, 2009, where we will be able to see the baby again! YEAH!

Please continue to pray for the health of the baby as well as health for Jonathan and I as we learn all about the joys of pregnancy!


Sarah said…
Aww yay you're starting to get a little bit of a belly!

But I almost want to smack you for making the "I've never had belly fat before" comment :P
Sarah said…
Oh also on your jeans, if you're wearing a shirt that covers the waistband, you can just loop a rubberband through the hole and around the button. Kind of a ghetto fix but it works for a couple of weeks until you actually do start needing the pregnancy pants. Or you can just borrow my size 7 jeans that I haven't fit into in years and I'm sure are STILL too big on you :P
Layna said…
Congrats!!! I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. The good news is that it will pass, then you'll feel great! One thing I did was load up on protein at night. I know peanut butter is a little fatty, but my nightly routine for the first trimester became one slice of wheat bread with peanut butter and a glass of milk. My OB suggested this as it is good for the baby and the protein will leave you feeling less hungry and sick in the morning. Maybe it will work for you too. Hang in there. Love you guys,

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