27 Weeks Pregnant - Last Week of 2nd Trimester

We are now 27 weeks pregnant! YEAH!

There are 85 days until your due date on December 09, 2009.
You are
194 days pregnant.
You are
6.4 months pregnant.
You are in your
7th month of pregnancy.

We had our monthly OB visit on Friday and got the O.K. from Dr. Herr on our birth plan!

Jonathan set up the baby's dresser and the crib this weekend!!!

Here is the dresser / changing table:

Here is Jonathan assembling the crib:

Here is the completed crib:

Now we just need the mattress for the crib and the changing table to get full tilt boogy on setting up the room.

Our first baby shower happens this Friday! YEAH! I am so very excited :)

I am also very excited, because our friend Greg is going to draw some pictures for the baby's room - sketches on canvas :) It will be a while before we get those, but I am anxious to receive them!

Other than that, Jonathan and I have both been fighting colds. Yuk! Stinks when there isn't much medicine that you can take.

Well, this is what is happening in the 27th week with our little man:

* Hiccups are more frequent as the lungs prepare for breathing on their own.
* Eyes have opened now and he can react to light
* He has begun to grow eyelashes
* Most importantly, since the major developments are complete, he will be gaining about a 1/2 a pound a week from now until he is born! Wow....

* He is about 2 lbs. now and about 14 1/2 inches long.

About the size of a cauliflower

Or an eggplant:

At 27 weeks, my belly is measuring 37.4" around, that's 7.4" since pre-pregnancy .... and about 2.5" in the last few weeks.

Here's a 27 week belly pic:

Have a great week everyone!

Melanie & Jonathan


The Alpert Fam said…
The nursery looks great! I like the color combos. Hope things are going well!

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