Doctor's Appointments

Once again, I am very behind in my blogs, but I guess that what comes with raising a newborn. No sleep - Feed feed feed - and try to sleep in between.

Noah will be one month old already on Monday. We have had two pediatrician appointments in the meantime as well as my first followup with Dr. Herr.

His first appointment was when he was one week old.

Daddy getting ready for the visit

Noah getting weighed

6 lbs. 6 oz. - Only one oz. off his birth weight!

Temperature Check

Length Check

Daddy calming Noah down with a story.

Our fantastic pediatrician - Dr. Melissa Waters

His second appointment was when he was two weeks old. He had a HUGE growth spurt in that week. He jumped up one whole pound (and and ounce) and then an additional one whole inch!

Mommy & Daddy even got a shot at the pediatrician! We got our DTAP boosters.

Finally, I had my 2 week followup postpartum visit. I had one small complication with my incision, but luckily it has healed and I am back on my way to a full recovery. We got a great picture with Dr. Herr and Noah :) Check out the hat - awesome! Dr. Herr is such an amazing doctor - we love her!

Till the next post!

Melanie, Jonathan & Noah


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