First Bath

Sorry I am so far behind on blogs! We have so many things still to post!

A couple of days after we returned home from the hospital, Noah received his first bath from Mommy and Daddy.

It was an adventure. He screamed bloody murder the whole time, but in the end, we had a squeaky clean baby!


Don't forget to wash under his chin all the way to his neck! A mom friend told me that when we first had Tucker because the milk catches there and makes them stink!

Enjoy that boy!
Sarah said…
That is good advice above, because the milk does smell bad really quickly if you don't get it all... yuck :\

Also it's too funny, that one photo of Jonathan bathing him where he's screaming...I had to dig out this photo of Adrian's first bath. This photo looks almost identical to the picture of Jonathan. It's weird.

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