Our Day Today - Our First Walk


Actually let me back up and mention that we had to do grocery shopping yesterday and Jonathan, instead of going and doing it for me, suggested that we all go and that he would watch Noah in the car and let me get out into the public for a little bit! It was AWESOME! ;) The little pleasures that come with being a new mom! LOL.

So, Noah kept me up all night last night. Not just for his feedings, but poor baby was suffering from some painful gas pains :(

Around 730 or so, Jonathan got up and took the baby out of the room. I got up a couple of times and he kept sending me back to bed to sleep (YEAH!) We had stored milk, so he was able to feed Noah as he was hungry and I was able to sleep until 1230!!! It was AWESOME!

We gave Noah a bath, which of course he hated, but he sure looks darn cute all wrapped up in his towels!

Then, Grandma Kay came over to the house to visit :) It's always so nice to see her.

It was about 65 degrees outside today and I really really wanted to go on a walk, so we pulled out the stroller and broke it in for the first time as we all three went walking.

Of course Noah slept the whole time, but it energized me and it was nice to get out of the house!

Here are some pics:


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