Friday, August 28, 2009

25 Weeks- Almost out of the 2nd trimeseter!!

Well here we are - Ending 25 weeks of our pregnancy.

I think that each day that passes - Jonathan and I not only become more and more excited, but we are growing closer together (no...that is not a pun on the size of my belly! LOL)

It is amazing too, how many people you meet and become friends with because of your pregnancy. Somehow, you stumble across the other stay at home moms with other little ones that are just as excited to find someone to talk to and hang out with!

Nothing new really happened this week, except the sensation of feeling part of our baby jutting out of my side. I woke up one morning and there was a definite hard spot on the left side of my belly, along with a small bulge. I gently pressed it and it moved! It was the baby curled up in one spot. It was an amazing feeling!

I have been having increased back pain in both the sacral area, as well as my mid back! Ugh. I had another prenatal massage this week, but not20 minutes later, my back tightened up again. Ah....the joys of pregnancy.

We are buying our laminate flooring, fan, blinds and new lightswitch for the nursery this weekend. I can't wait until its all done!!! Jonathan has been amazing and is such a trooper since I can't really help with this part of preparing the nursery.

Once the showers happen too....and I have all the furniture....then I can go full force in organizing and truly nesting in that room!

Bradley classes are still going great. We had to have a makeup session since we missed the last class with our trip to Raleigh to see the Tanners. We learned the different positions to labor in (not push - just labor) to try and ease some of the pain. I think that we both got a little choked up thinking about the reality of the situation. God has truly blessed our lives together.

OK - 25 Weeks.......

* The baby's hands are now fully developed and he spends most of his awake time groping around in the darkness.

* His brain and nerve endings are developed enough now so that he can feel the sensation of touch.

* The capillaries, the teeniest blood vessels, are now forming and giving his formerly translucent skin a pink glow.

* The blood vessels in the lungs also develop this week.

* He weighs about a pound and a half and is about 13 1/2 inches long—roughly the length of one of those recorders you played in elementary school music class.

Or an eggplant:

Or a rutabaga - Yuk!:

About Me:

I've gained another 1/4" to my tummy standing at 36 1/4" around! Wow.

Here is our 25 week belly picture:

Starting our 26th week - Jonathan and I have purchased all of the hardwood floors, fan, blinds and light switch for the baby's room! Yeah! Progress report next week....the first week of the third trimester!

"A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on." - Carl Sandburg


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

24 weeks

We just finished our 24th week over the weekend! YEAH!

The baby is officially viable if something (God forbid) made him come early.

In the last week, I have increased in size by an additional .5" around my belly - equaling a total of 1" over the last two weeks! I am growing by the second and noticing it mostly in the dwindling amount of clothes that actually fit me!

We had a great week! Jonathan finished painting the baby's nursery and tore out all of the carpet to reveal a lovely white vinyl tile.....ugh!!! The hardwood floors will go down this coming up weekend!

Tearing out the nasty carpet

OMG! Who would have EVER put this in a bedroom!!!!

The look of ... "YEAH! It's done!"

We also went to Raleigh over the weekend to visit my goddaughter Quinn, Melissa, Mike and baby Catie. We had a GREAT time ~ but boy I got tired quickly! Here are some fun pictures from our trip:

Playing Play Doh

On the Carousel

At Pullen Park

Here is a 24 week belly shot - Total circumference = 36"

Here is what is happening with baby:

* He has gained about 4 oz. since last week - measuring a little over a pound now.

* He is a little over a foot long now ... about the size of a:


or an....

Ear of Corn

* His lungs are developing branches of the respiratory tree as well as cells that produce surfactant (a substance that will help his air sacs inflate once he is born).

* His skin is still thin and translucent, but will change quickly in the coming weeks. This skin is protected by a waxy substance called vernix.

* He has now developed a sense of balance, which means that he can tell when he is upside down!

* He is sporting a fine, downy hair called lanugo.

* He is still practicing breathing by inhaling amniotic fluid into his developing lungs.

What is the most surprising to me, is that this is what he looks like right now..... still a little surreal!!!

Its also getting exciting, because the showers are quickly approaching! YEAH!

Well....that's it for the moment!

Have a great week!

Melanie & Jonathan

Saturday, August 15, 2009

23 Weeks


Hey everyone! This is being posted a little late, as we are now entering our our 24th week of pregnancy.

But, let us tell you about our 23rd week.....

Our little man has been extremely active this week for several hours at a time. I can also feel him across my entire belly now, rather than just on the right side. He has become strong enough that a couple people at work have also felt his movement.

We are still going strong with our Bradley Method classes, learning about the birth plan this week. Shelly gave us a couple of different ones to peruse, including hers from her last pregnancy. I have mentioned this before, but it is quite amazing how much you DON'T know until you get pregnant. And not just about birthing, but about the toxins in the environment and in nearly everything that we use around the house without even taking a second thought. The risk that certain "routine" medical practices can have on mom and baby....crazy that more people don't do research to find out what is best for them!

We also are currently doing research on an alternative vaccination schedule (yes, we are still for vaccinations), circumcision, safer alternatives for toys, health products, etc. And then there are all the decisions to be made for the hospital so that they don't inundate us with meds and unnecessary procedures. It has already been quite a journey!

I still think that to this point, the strangest thing for me is the belly button....halfway popped, not used to it yet! We have been very good about putting oil on my belly each night and belly butter every morning, but I still find my belly itchy. Crossed fingers, though, no stretch marks as of yet.

One new development is the visible appearance of the linea negra. This is a line that develops in over 70% of women that leads from the belly button to the pubic bone. It is caused
by an increase in melanin in the body during pregnancy, caused by an increase in estrogen and progesterone in the body and is sometimes called the "mask of pregnancy."

Where's Jonathan in all this? Painting the baby's room! YEAH! We found Non-VOC paint for the safety of the baby and myself in a color appropriately called "Christopher Robin's Swing"

SO - 23 weeks along....

The baby's:

* Just about 11-12" long
* Weighs just over a pound
* Is able to hear everything outside of the womb and feel all of mommy's movements
* Baby's nipples are almost fully developed
* Face is completely developed
* Sleep cycles are in place
* Fat production is in full force and will double in weight over the next 4 weeks

Is about the size of a large mango:

Or a Papaya:

My 23 week belly (pictured below) has increased in size over the last week from 35" to 35.5" - WOW!

See you next week - God Bless.

Jonathan & Melanie

Saturday, August 8, 2009

22 Weeks - Braxton Hicks - NEW ULTRASOUND

Hello everyone!
Hope you are having a great week!

We are in the latter part of our 22nd week - approaching our 23rd.

Beginning about 3 weeks ago (as I have blogged earlier), I started experiencing Braxton Hicks Contractions. Varying in frequency and intensity, I might only have one or two one day, but then another day have 4-5 per hour.

Our 5 month checkup was yesterday, which is why I tell you this. I told the doctor about the Braxton Hicks, which her nurse passed off as ligaments stretching..., and it slightly concerned her. With that, I was given an exam and an ultrasound to make sure that me and the baby were ok. This was also to show that the baby wasn't going to come early - God forbid.

Everything looked normal - - and new pictures! YEAH!

151 Beats p / Minute

Side profile #1

Side Profile #2

View from underneath - The bright white line that you see is his right femur. If you look hard enough in the small black space, you can see his boy parts :)

I must say quickly, though, that I LOVE LOVE LOVE our OB. She is such an amazing doctor, with great bedside manner, the willingness to spend as much time as is necessary to make us feel comfortable and answers all of our crazy questions :) In addition to all of this, she is extremely accepting of our position to do a natural childbirth and even suggested the Bradley classes to us, as well as the possibility of using a midwife at the hospital! We are very excited about that!

Other than that....

Jonathan is going to start painting the baby's room today!!! YEAH!!!

We have set dates for 3 baby showers between Labor Day and mid-October, so everyone should received one of the three invites! So excited to start receiving items off the registry to start filling up the nursery! (I'm not type A at all!!!)

I was spoiled with a prenatal massage yesterday! Wonderful! Helped relieve the back pain for at least a day!

Today, we had another Bradley Method class (of whom we were also blessed with an amazing instructor). We've learned, over the last two classes, about some laboring positions and coaching. Jonathan will be a great coach! Then we went and had lunch with one of the couples
in our class - some of the BEST pizza I think that I have ever had!


Here's all the fun stuff:

22 weeks - Belly Picture

AND - Probably next week, I'll be able to show my "popped" belly button - it is on the brink right now!

Where baby is:

*He is about 11-12" in length and weighs about a pound. To give some perspective:

He is the size of a summer squash:

Or a Papaya:

He also is the length of a package of OREO's and the weight of a large bag of tortilla chips!

* In two weeks, he would be viable if something were to happen where he would come early. Let's pray that this doesn't happen.

* He is starting to look like a little newborn - Lips, eyelids and eyebrows are becoming more distinct

* Tiny tooth buds are developing beneath his gums

* Eyes are completely formed, but the iris still lacks pigment - We are SOOO curious is he'll come out having the big brown eyes or the beautiful green / hazel eyes......

* Lanugo covers his body

* Pancreas is developing steadily

* His kicks can be seen externally with a twitching belly and felt with a palm on the tummy

* Sleep cycles are settling in and he is snoozing about 12-14 hours a day

* Nipples are starting to sprout

* He can distinctly hear through the womb now - We read every night to him, whether its Dr. Seuss or the Bible. He loves his daddy's voice!

* He has started to grow taste buds and may be able to detect strong flavors in the amniotic fluid. We were actually able to see him SWALLOWING his amniotic fluid yesterday! That was cool!

* The nerve endings in his fingers have developed and he now has a sense of touch. Because of the he will be touching his face and grabbing at his umbilical cord quite a bit.

* Hair on his head is starting to grow - a little white crop on the top - as it lacks pigment at this stage in the game.


* As stated before, my belly button is about to pop!!! Crazy how it changes from day to day.

* Lots of lower back pain, which is being alleviated by heating pads, the chiropractor and prenatal massage.

* My tummy is now 35" across and I have officially gained 15 pounds past my pre-pregnancy weight......and its all in my belly area!!!

Well - that's it for week 22.

We will post again next week.

Love everyone!

Jonathan & Melanie Melugin