25 Weeks- Almost out of the 2nd trimeseter!!

Well here we are - Ending 25 weeks of our pregnancy.

I think that each day that passes - Jonathan and I not only become more and more excited, but we are growing closer together (no...that is not a pun on the size of my belly! LOL)

It is amazing too, how many people you meet and become friends with because of your pregnancy. Somehow, you stumble across the other stay at home moms with other little ones that are just as excited to find someone to talk to and hang out with!

Nothing new really happened this week, except the sensation of feeling part of our baby jutting out of my side. I woke up one morning and there was a definite hard spot on the left side of my belly, along with a small bulge. I gently pressed it and it moved! It was the baby curled up in one spot. It was an amazing feeling!

I have been having increased back pain in both the sacral area, as well as my mid back! Ugh. I had another prenatal massage this week, but not20 minutes later, my back tightened up again. Ah....the joys of pregnancy.

We are buying our laminate flooring, fan, blinds and new lightswitch for the nursery this weekend. I can't wait until its all done!!! Jonathan has been amazing and is such a trooper since I can't really help with this part of preparing the nursery.

Once the showers happen too....and I have all the furniture....then I can go full force in organizing and truly nesting in that room!

Bradley classes are still going great. We had to have a makeup session since we missed the last class with our trip to Raleigh to see the Tanners. We learned the different positions to labor in (not push - just labor) to try and ease some of the pain. I think that we both got a little choked up thinking about the reality of the situation. God has truly blessed our lives together.

OK - 25 Weeks.......

* The baby's hands are now fully developed and he spends most of his awake time groping around in the darkness.

* His brain and nerve endings are developed enough now so that he can feel the sensation of touch.

* The capillaries, the teeniest blood vessels, are now forming and giving his formerly translucent skin a pink glow.

* The blood vessels in the lungs also develop this week.

* He weighs about a pound and a half and is about 13 1/2 inches long—roughly the length of one of those recorders you played in elementary school music class.

Or an eggplant:

Or a rutabaga - Yuk!:

About Me:

I've gained another 1/4" to my tummy size.....now standing at 36 1/4" around! Wow.

Here is our 25 week belly picture:

Starting our 26th week - Jonathan and I have purchased all of the hardwood floors, fan, blinds and light switch for the baby's room! Yeah! Progress report next week....the first week of the third trimester!

"A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on." - Carl Sandburg

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