23 Weeks


Hey everyone! This is being posted a little late, as we are now entering our our 24th week of pregnancy.

But, let us tell you about our 23rd week.....

Our little man has been extremely active this week for several hours at a time. I can also feel him across my entire belly now, rather than just on the right side. He has become strong enough that a couple people at work have also felt his movement.

We are still going strong with our Bradley Method classes, learning about the birth plan this week. Shelly gave us a couple of different ones to peruse, including hers from her last pregnancy. I have mentioned this before, but it is quite amazing how much you DON'T know until you get pregnant. And not just about birthing, but about the toxins in the environment and in nearly everything that we use around the house without even taking a second thought. The risk that certain "routine" medical practices can have on mom and baby....crazy that more people don't do research to find out what is best for them!

We also are currently doing research on an alternative vaccination schedule (yes, we are still for vaccinations), circumcision, safer alternatives for toys, health products, etc. And then there are all the decisions to be made for the hospital so that they don't inundate us with meds and unnecessary procedures. It has already been quite a journey!

I still think that to this point, the strangest thing for me is the belly button....halfway popped, not used to it yet! We have been very good about putting oil on my belly each night and belly butter every morning, but I still find my belly itchy. Crossed fingers, though, no stretch marks as of yet.

One new development is the visible appearance of the linea negra. This is a line that develops in over 70% of women that leads from the belly button to the pubic bone. It is caused
by an increase in melanin in the body during pregnancy, caused by an increase in estrogen and progesterone in the body and is sometimes called the "mask of pregnancy."

Where's Jonathan in all this? Painting the baby's room! YEAH! We found Non-VOC paint for the safety of the baby and myself in a color appropriately called "Christopher Robin's Swing"

SO - 23 weeks along....

The baby's:

* Just about 11-12" long
* Weighs just over a pound
* Is able to hear everything outside of the womb and feel all of mommy's movements
* Baby's nipples are almost fully developed
* Face is completely developed
* Sleep cycles are in place
* Fat production is in full force and will double in weight over the next 4 weeks

Is about the size of a large mango:

Or a Papaya:

My 23 week belly (pictured below) has increased in size over the last week from 35" to 35.5" - WOW!

See you next week - God Bless.

Jonathan & Melanie


Dustin & Kate said…
You are looking cuter and cuter! Not every pregnant woman is as adorable as you. :)
Love the paint color for his room!
Glad you guys are getting a lot out of your Bradley classes. Dustin and I took Bradley classes too when we were pregnant with Nora!
Layna said…
You look Great! Be aware too that "the line" doesn't go away right after birth - its kinda freaky!

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