10 Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas

This is a Guest Post from Aiden at Conservastore.com on Tips4green.com 

With Christmas right around the corner, we wanted to make sure we took the time to help those last-minute holiday shoppers and procrastinators alike by supplying a detailed list of thoughtful eco-friendly gift ideas.
Rather than get into too many specifics about any items, we deemed it best to just provide the idea and allow you to pinpoint the product that falls into these certain categories.

1. An Eco-friendly Mug: Now that reusable “green” drinking cups have become popular at offices this year, it’s only a matter of time that they become a household standard as well. What human being with a mouth couldn’t use a mug? Think about it. It makes for a great, yet simple gift. 
2. Solar Decorations: This one is a little out of the ordinary, but it’s perfect for somebody that has a garden or simply just cares about the outside of their house. Something like a solar light would be perfect to dress up any household.
3. A Paperless Reading Device: This will be one of the best eco-friendly gifts for a bookworm. With plenty of options out there, you won’t have a hard time finding an e-reader. Choose whichever brand you like and be sure to tell the bookworm that they will be saving a great deal of trees every time they read a book.
4. A Solar Backpack: If you know someone that likes to hike, picnic, or enjoys outdoor activities, a solar backpack is a must. These bags charge cell phones and other electronic devices. It’s sure to blow the common outdoorsman away.
5. Solar Apparel: This could be anything from solar baby slippers to those nifty “solar cool hats” that have a fan inside of them. Either way, this is a great gift for any fashion-conscious individual looking for the latest trend.
6. Eco-friendly Books: Often times, nothing can compete with knowledge. Getting a fellow “green” advocate an informative book is just another way to feed their passion and continue to spread the word around.
7. Lighting Around the House: Getting someone a gift that saves them money on their electric bills is not something that people think of everyday. With a great selection of programmable light fixtures and motion-sensor devices out there, you should be able to find something that any homeowner will appreciate.
8. In The Kitchen: How about a hands-free faucet? Have you ever seen one of those in someone’s kitchen? Not only is it great for fellow germophobes, it also truly does save money on the monthly water bill.
9. A Solar Electronic Device: There are radios, cell phone chargers (grids), and other electronic devices that don’t require batteries. This is a great gift option for anyone that is always on the move or for the person that hates buying batteries.
10. A Solar Watch: Solar watches don't need batteries and they remain charged for months at a time. They also happen to be aesthetically pleasing and fashionable.

We’d like to think that this list consists of options that should cater to just about every type of person out there. If you have any questions about any of the aforementioned suggestions, please feel free to email us at info@conservastore.com.
In the meantime, we encourage you to take a look at our eco-friendly products at Conservastore.com.

Happy Holidays everyone!
And don’t just make it a “White Christmas.” Make it a “Green” one as well.


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