Thriving In Today’s World With Your Kids – Bedtime

How much sleep do kids need?
You may actually be surprised at the amount of sleep that your child needs! Here is a guideline for the amount of sleep a child should get including the time spent napping:
1-3 years old – 12-13 hours
3 years old – 11-12 hours
4-5 years old – 11 hours
You may be thinking that your child gets less sleep than that and is perfectly fine and that may be true.  However, your child will be happier and more capable of playing well with others and learning if they are more rested.  Of course all toddlers have their occasional tantrums and sleeping will not prevent that but being well rested will help them to be less irritable and cranky!
Sleep is so good for your child.  It will improve their memory, academic performance and adjustment to school/daycare.  It may even boost your child’s immune system and prevent obesity.
In this day and age of families that are so busy and running around well into the evening hours, you are not doing your toddler or preschooler any favors.  You need to have a scheduled time that your child goes to bed and try as much as possible to stick to that schedule.    With a schedule comes security and with security and rest, you are more apt to have a pleasant child to be around!
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