aer1™ Filter System

The MOST EFFECTIVE filter technology available!

aer1™ ready systems combine the power of Holmes® & Bionaire® brand air purifiers with the most effective filter technology available today

  • Proven to be 30% more effective at capturing dust and airborne particles from air passing through the filter.
  • Deliver the HIGHEST CADR CLEANING POWER amongst leading brands

  • Helps optimize air cleaning performance – simply by replacing your aer1 filter regularly
  • Customized effectiveness to your needs – dust, odor and allergen.

Customizable Solutions

Triple-layer odor and smoke absorption with enhanced HEPA-type filtration removes 99% of smoke and odors from the airstream*(4)Traps and locks 30% more dust and particles from your indoor air and traditional Type A filters.*(2)

Build Total Air System 
Helps remove stubborn household odors such as tobacco, pet odors and cooking fumes.

Build Odor Eliminator System 
True HEPA filtration removes up to 99.97% of airborne allergens such as mold, dust and pet dander that may cause coughing and sneezing.*(3)

Build Allergen Remover System 

Trap and toss for cleaner, fresher indoor air  


  • Traps and locks up to 99.97% of harmful airborne allergens*(3)
  • No cleaning - simply toss your dirty filter into the garbage
  • Helps you breathe cleaner indoor air with optimal filter performance


  • Cleaning permanent filters can be a dirty process of hard-to-reach crevices
  • Cleaning releases dust into the air that you can breathe in.
  • Without constant care, debris build-up can reduce filter performance

  • Why purify indoor air?

    We eat organic food, drink filtered water and clean with anti-bacterial products. What about the air you and your family breathe?

    Indoor air may be up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air, according to the EPA. Americans spend an estimated 90 percent of their time indoors. Children and the elderly are especially sensitive to air pollution. Most pollutants are microscopic and can easily pass through the nose or throat directly into the lungs. Common indoor air pollutants include:
    • Mold**
    • Dust mites in pillows, blankets or stuffed animals
    • Tobacco smoke & cooking fumes
    • Pet Hair and dander
    • Pollen and dust
    The good news is … you can help protect yourself and your family from indoor air pollution.

    aer1 disposable filters trap and lock up to 99.97% of dust and other harmful airborne allergens before they settle in your home.*(3) Breathe cleaner, fresher indoor air with the aer1 system, guaranteed to dramatically improve home air quality or your money back.


    I was thrilled when I was approached to receive and review the aer1 filters and Holmes HEPA air purifier.  My allergies are HORRIBLE.  They were worse when I lived in west Texas and had cats, but even still in Dallas with no cats, my allergies can be intolerable if not properly managed. Even worse, we have two small dogs and with two children, which equals a lot of playdates, we have issues with my friends and their children being affected.

    As much as I vacuum and dust, it seems as if someone is affected by allergies within my home and I am so discouraged by that.  I was excited to put the Holmes True HEPA Air Purifier with aer1 allergen removing filters to the test. I received four (4) filters, so I tested the filter for 2 weeks with each filter in our living room ~ The most frequented of the rooms in our home.

    My youngest sister was coming to visit and I believe that she probably has some of the worst allergies that I have ever encountered, outside of my allergies while I was in West Texas. She was to be my guinea pig.  Angela always has asthma and allergy attacks while at my house, so I started the Holmes air purifier that morning with the allergy removing filter , to see if there was any relief in her systems when she came over for dinner.  A caveat....I did not make her aware of the new purifier, the filters or the secret test that I was doing on her.  

    I have had several air purifiers in the past, some of which were quite expensive, as my allergies with cats were almost intolerable, yet I owned three!  I have to say that I was a bit skeptical about its effectiveness, but the test was on. Did it work?


    I was floored.  Angela had ZERO symptoms while she was at our home for over four hours! It still stuns me that such a small and sleek unit could be as effective as it was, but it did! It worked amazingly.  I have used the Holmes True HEPA Air Purifier with aer1 allergen removing filters for 8 weeks and I must say "KUDOS" ~ This is such an amazing purifier, and even moreso, the filters passed the ultimate test!  

    Would it work again? 

    In the 8 weeks that I have had the purifier and filters running in our living room, we have hosted approximately 8 playdates and not one of the children, nor their mothers, had any signs of allergy related symptoms.  Then again, at our daughter's first birthday party, we hosted nearly 40 guests, of allergies! Absolutely astonishing!!

    I will definitely continue to purchase filters for this unit and use it in the living area indefinitely. In addition, the soft blowing of the unit is an amazing white noise apparatus as well :)

    BUY IT!  The aer1 filtration systems are currently being shipped with FREE SHIPPING for a limited time!

    The following retailers carry aer1 system products: Availability of products varies from store to store. Please contact your local retailer to confirm the models and accessories they stock and current availability.


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