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Did you know that August is water quality month? MAVEA pitchers are different from other filtration systems because they utilize leading technology and design to create a fresh difference one can taste, see and smell. MAVEA’s activated carbon filter clears water of impurities such as copper, lime scale, mercury and cadmium. The ion exchange resin beads within the filter reduce atrazine, benzene, simazine, chlorine, tetrachloroethylene and carbon particles. The unique design even eliminates odor. No need to worry about changing the filter either, because the MAVEA Smart Meter clearly displays the remaining lifespan of the filter… another item off that to-do list!

Fun Features of MAVEA water pitchers 

  • Prevent bacteria growth 
  • Improve the duration of the filter
  • You can also go green with this! MAVEA’s filters are 100% recyclable!
  • Softer water means less wear-and-tear on mommy’s expensive appliances
  • Clears water of impurities such as copper, lime scale, mercury and cadmium


I recently received a Mavea Elemaris XL pitcher in green......I really like this water pitcher!  When we moved into our house a year and a half ago, we had to purchase a refrigerator.  The one that we ultimately chose had French doors and so the water dispenser is on the inside, in a most akward spot, so I find it difficult to fill up a cup with only one hand (ie. when I'm having to hold a child).  Although a water pitcher does take up room in the refrigerator, I was quite surprised at how much I loved having one!  It was great to be able to pick up the pitcher and fill a glass of water with one hand.

I also liked ...... rather LOVED the pour through lid!!!  Still with one hand, I didn't have to remove the top, like other pitchers, to fill the reservoir up.  I simply had to place the water pitcher under a steady stream of water and it filled up!  LOVE!

The handle was ergonomically correct and therefore was easy to handle while holding and then pouring.  The pitcher did not leak when pouring and that was a great plus.  

Finally, the new digital filter meter is a huge plus!  Set it when you first install a new filter and it will digitally gauge, by the quarter percent, when you need to replace your filter.

Here in North Texas, our water is provided locally by Lake Lavon.  I have never had a problem with our water, except for twice a year when the lake turns.  I can not only smell, but can taste, when Lake Lavon has algae in it and has turned on its bi-annual cycle.  It is disgusting!  I have found that not even our expensive refrigerator could eliminate the taste.  Surprisingly, though, the MAVEA pitcher DID!  Wow!!!!  Years of living with the drudge of "that time of year" for our water.....now I don't ever have to worry about that again.  Would it be strange to bring it to restaurants with me the next time I go out? Ha!

I would highly recommend this product to anyone in need of a great water pitcher!

BUY IT!  The Mavea water pitcher is available for purchase at a number of online retailers, including Amazon.com, BedBathandBeyond.com, Macys.com amongst several other vendors and ranges in price from $30.00 - $40.00.  Or, you can visit the MAVEA website storefinder to find a local retailer.

CONNECT! Make sure to go and check out the Mavea website where you can go green and send a paperless ecard! How fun!

Disclaimer: I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review, but my opinions are entirely  my own.  The views and opinions expressed in this post are solely that of going green with noah, and are completely honest and without influence. Click on the appropriate links to view our full policies, giveaway rules and disclaimers.


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