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I am one of the unfortunate ones ~ I have asthma.  Growing up, though, I was asthma free.  It was not until I was about 22 or so and living in Lubbock, TX that I collapsed on an outdoor soccer field after having my first, and quite severe, asthma attack.  Scared and unable to catch one breath, I had no idea what was happening to me.  After I was able to breathe, I went to my doctor the very next day.  Not only did I already suffer from severe respiratory allergies and eczema (most induced from the 3 cats I couldn't get rid of!), now I had asthma.
I have to say that I am quite lucky that after having moved out of the dust bowl of Lubbock and leaving my cats in the care of my ex-husband, my asthma symptoms have reduced dramatically and I am able to live with only a rescue inhaler.

That was not always the case though.  During the years of the severe asthma attacks, I was on constant steroids and asthma medications, along with a rescue inhaler that I could not leave home without.  In the meantime, I also was given and used a peak flow meter multiple times a day for quite a lengthy period of time.

Honestly, after having received and reviewed the SoundAsthma App, I wish that I would have had this a few years ago.  (Granted, when I was attending college, we still had beepers and infantile cell phones, rather than the fun and addictive smartphones and tablets that we all are graced with now.)  SoundAsthma helps monitor and manage Asthma from any Android or Apple device. This app gives moms an easier way to track what is going on with the child’s asthma (or their own asthma), keep track of their medications and remember the variety of things they do daily to manage Asthma.

There’s never been an asthma management tool like AsthmaSense™.  For the first time, the AsthmaSense app brings together everything you need to manage your asthma, and may help prevent asthma attacks.
Like I mentioned, the app is able to track and maintain your asthma, medications and your own habits, along with any other family members that may have asthma as well.  The app is extremely well thought out and really didn't miss a beat.  No steps that I found were missed and the comprehensive collection of data collected on each asthmatic is quite detailed, thorough and is a fantastic resource for yourself, your family and your doctor.
Imagine if the worst happens and you end up in the hospital.  Simply open the app and hand it over.  All of your information has been dutifully recorded and organized for the health care professionals to extract and review your asthma care and data.

This app is amazing and I will definitely be using it for myself!  God forbid my children are cursed with this at any point in their lives either, but if they are, I'll be ready!

asthma management application

One Screen, One Stop to Track Asthma Symptoms

AsthmaSense is a take-anywhere journal that reminds you to take medication or test your breathing. It allows you to record asthma symptoms, medication use and peak flow measurements from a single screen. You can also access your contact information and automatically make a call in the event of an asthma attack or medical emergency.
One screen does it all. Learn more about this potentially life saving app:
  • Easy to use for asthma management at any time
  • For use with children or adults
  • Set reminders for medication use and peak flow testing
  • See when medications are due
  • Log diary actions quickly with a single tap
  • Record asthma symptoms and breathing function
  • Selectively silence reminders as needed
  • Select reminder tones for individual users
  • Record unscheduled medication use
  • Record missed medications, as well as edit or update the journal
  • Review up to one month of peak flow, asthma symptoms and medication adherence
  • Receive status alerts when your asthma is “not well controlled” or “poorly controlled” according to National Institute for Health guidelines
  • Keep emergency contact information and phone numbers in easy reach
  • Manage one or multiple users with one smartphone

Remembers for You

You can set your own reminders for medications and peak flow testing. Set silence, snooze or select your reminder tones. It’s also easy to record unscheduled medications. You can also see if you’ve taken your medications over the last five days, and recall for up to two months.

Stay Alert to Risk

Using information from the National Institute for Health’s control guidelines, AsthmaSense lets you know when your asthma appears to be “Not Well Controlled” or “Poorly Controlled.” These indicators warn that you may be at risk for an asthma attack and need to take appropriate action.
asthma management application

One App, Several Users

Track multiple people’s asthma with the same app for better asthma management. Individuals are easy to set up, and easy to switch between by selecting from a list of user names.
The app also allows you to easily share information with health care providers or family members. The more you — and they know — the better the treatment you or your children will receive.
Using the Asthma Sense app gives you more control, more confidence. You get the data you need, when you need it, in an easy-to-use format.
Here is a great video of a mother of a little boy who has asthma and the great real-life application of the SoundAsthma app.
BUY IT!  AsthmaSense™ is available at these app stores.

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