Christmas 2008

We had an eventful, yet somewhat uneventful December :)
Let me explain.

On December 1st, you could find me having surgery on both of my hands. No, it wasn't serious, but I had a ganglion cyst on my right palm and left hand......this left me....let's say....unable to do ANYTHING.

Also, the 1st was the first day that we had access to Leslie's (Melanie's Sisters)house, which we were moving into. We had until the 8th to be out of our Valley Ranch apartment.....

This meant that poor Jonathan was not only babysitting me, but also packing and moving without any help from me! Crazy.

I took off three days from work ~ I really thought that I'd be back to work the next day.....yeah right! I couldn't move either of my hands and it looked like I was wearing boxing gloves!

Jonathan had to do everything from making me dinner to bathing me....I really couldn't do ANYTHING!!

David and Brynn (our great friends) came over, with the boys, and helped unpack that next weekend. I was somewhat better and could at least move things from one point to another. Thank you guys!

Within just a few days of being in the house, Jonathan took on the chore of painting the HIDEOUS purple-ish / blue-ish / I don't know what color that the accent wall in the living room was! We decided to paint it a "normal" Indian sunset color. was Christmas. We did Christmas Eve at Kay's house (Jonathan's mom).

Man, the girls are getting so big!

Chloe (our baby niece) is walking at 9 months old! Wow....

It was nice to spend time with the Melugin family.

Christmas morning was spent with the Cano side of the family. It was fun to see the boys open all of their presents. Leslie also came home from Mexico to spend a couple of weeks with us. It was SOOOO good to see her!!!

Then, finally, Christmas night was supposed to be time to spend with Johnny, but he ended up getting sick, so we went over to Philip and Lena's house (Jonathan's brother and sister in law) for dinner. It was nice to meet Lena's parents and see how excited they are to become grandparents! Ending the night was filled with playing the Wii. It was great!

Our first Christmas as a married couple was awesome and we couldn't have asked for more.


Sarah said…
That Wii picture is the greatest one ever. Playing it with a baby strapped to your chest...such a guy thing to do. Hilarious.

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