Photography Class

For those of you that don't know, Jonathan bought me a Nikon D80 right before our wedding this past May. My thoughts are that if I am going to own a DSLR camera, then I am going to know how to use it!

So, last semester, I enrolled in a local community college that taught the basics of DSLR functions.

It was amazing and I wanted to show everyone the best of the best of the pictures that I took :)

On the picture above, I learned about manipulating the shutter speed to create streaked car lights. Taken in Addison circle, I was very lucky to have a DART bus pass at just the right time!

The pictures to the left and below right "capture the moment" and play with architecture within the buildings found within the Circle.

This next picture below is another illustration of the manipulation
of shutter speed in capturing car lights across the lens.

The picture to the left is in the same family as some of the other pictures, but I was able to catch car lights moving while keeping the fire hydrant still with no blurring.

Yeah! I love my I just have to learn how to use the external flash that Jonathan gave me for Christmas :)


Jana said…
MY MY MY I might have a new photography buddy!!! We should have fun one day when the weather is great and play!! see you soon

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