Saturday - What a Great Day!

Yesterday we had such a great (and productive) day!

We started the day by calling and dragging Brock (J's best friend) out of bed to go and work out. Mind you, I have not worked out in about 3 months and I am SOOOOOOOO sore today ~ It hurts to move! We worked out for nearly 2 hours! Wow.

Afterwards, we headed over to Home Depot to go buy some wood. Jonathan treated himself to a new wood router a couple of days ago....and then some new router bits. All he needed now was the wood to start his project. What a great hobby!

He has plans to build us a new DVD cabinet. We thought that we would be OK with a DVD cabinet that can hold up to 300 DVD's .... just last year. Yeah....that was a joke. So now he is going to build a cabinet that is 6' tall to hold a lot more than that....and this will be of real wood, rather than particle board :)

After driving very slow and on the backroads home, Jonathan began playing with his new toys . We are anxiously awaiting the return of our table saw and another saw from one of Jonathan's brothers so that he can go full fledged into our DVD cabinet and then the building of his new router table.

I, on the other hand, began tackling the mess that we called our office. We had purchased a new desk that will serve as my scrapbooking table and had acquired a bunch of storage for my materials, but getting all my stuff into those drawers is what I have been procrastinating about.

While taking breaks, Marquis, Sandy and, Jonathan and I played outside ~ It was such a beautiful day!!!

After finally completing the office, I started the guest bedroom, hung all the pictures and certificates that had not been hung, most of my crosses and then vacuumed the entire house. All in all, I finished at 11:00 p.m. ~ Nearly 6 hours straight of organizing and cleaning.



To see more pictures of the house (finally completed), click here: Pictures of the House

We went to bed soooo exhausted, it really took no time to fall asleep!


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