Hardwood Floors - WE'RE DONE!!!!

Hello everyone!

As many of you know, when we moved into our house, the previous tenants had cats....and you could tell as soon as you walked into the house ~ Especially the living room.

So, with some comparing of prices, etc., we spoke with Leslie (Mel's sister) and came to an agreement on price. Of course free labor is always a nice added bonus (Thanks Jonathan!)

So step by step, this is how it happened.

Step One: Clear out all of the furniture out (Well...most of it)

Step Two: Tear out the carpet. (Hint: Its easier to cut it into sections then remove, rather than trying to lug THAT much carpet and padding out.) My husband is so super smart.

AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Careful!!! You might find concrete under there, BUT you might also find HIDEOUS 1970's YELLOW LINOLEUM!!!!

Although we don't have to deal with this yet, we will once we start replacing the carpet in the hallways!

Step Three: Break out all of the wood around the perimeter of the room and sweep sweep sweep - mop mop mop - bleach out the radioactive nuclear cat pee.

Step Four: If you have urine infused concrete, mix one : one water and white vinegar. Mop like crazy and spot clean with bleach for the really bad areas. Let Dry.

Step Five: Lay 6 ply plastic down and tape. This helps prevent moisture come into the house from underneath.

Step Six: Lay the wood. Mind you ~ A miter saw will become your best friend....or your husband's who happens to be doing all of the work!

Step Seven: Sit back and admire your work!!!!

So, now .... here are some before and afters.....






Patricia said…
OOOhhhh Ahhhhh - pretty floors!!!!!

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