30 Weeks and Counting

Hello everyone!

OK - Posted a little late, but we just finished our 30th week of pregnancy on Tuesday.


If you read the last blog, you will remember that we had maternity pictures taken at the Dallas Arboretum. The pictures are up online now, for a limited time, so make sure to go and check them out: JAMIE COUPAUD PHOTOGRAPHY

I can't believe how fast its gone ~ the anticipation is really starting , but I am also realizing how much we still have left to do and buy! Who knew that babies needed so much!

The Gestational Diabetes is .... well.... its going. The diet really is the worst part! I was having ketones in my urine and they have deduced that it is probably "starvation ketones" meaning that I am not taking in enough calories (even though they are the ones to reduce my caloric intake to 1800 calories a day! Well, the upped the calories to 1900 to see how I do.

I will also have another ultrasound this coming up Tuesday - a Level 2 Technical Sono - to determine the health of the baby, including size and amount of amniotic fluid. What we are trying to avoid is the HUGE baby that GD can cause. The only bummer of this whole thing (outside of the crappy diet) is the fact that I become at increased risk for a "scheduled birth" or C-Section :( Throwing our natural birth plan out the window. The good news is, though, is that my doctor is doing everything she can to avoid straying away from our birth plan, as long as the baby continues to do well.

This was actually a pretty quiet week around the Melugin household, so not a whole lot else to report.

Jonathan did get to go to Holly Lake with his buddy David to go golfing for the weekend, but unfortunately the rain got to them after playing two rounds and they had to come home.

In his absence, I attended the baby shower of our good friends Kim & Clint Kerley. For those of you that remember - Clint was the pastor (and friend) that married us :) It is very cool to be expecting around the same time! We'll have playmates!

OK - So here is what is happening at 30 weeks:

The 30 week belly has remained the same, if not gotten a tad bit smaller, probably due to the restricted diet. This are a couple of artsy 30 week pics that I took :)

And as far as our little man - I am starting to see him move a lot more through my clothes! It is very cool.... except when he kicks the bladder!

* All of his senses are fully developed, including taste, touch, hearing, seeing and even smelling!
* His grip is strong enough, now, to grab and hold onto a finger
* He is about 15.7 inches long and weighs about 3 pounds
* He is starting to shed the lanugo from his skin

* He is about the size of a squash

Or a head of cabbage

Or a Yorkshire Terrier

Or a Thick Wool Sweater (Folded)


Sarah said…
Imagine Marquis in your stomach!

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