Overdue 33 Weeks Blog

Hey everyone!

Yes - I'm late in posting the 33 week blog - Sorry. Our 34th week actually started yesterday, but Jonathan will be posting that blog later this week.

We have had quite an eventful week in our pregnancy!

On Saturday, we went to a Halloween party of a friend of ours out in Little Elm. Winning the funniest costume, we won as Juno and Paulie Bleeker from the movie Juno.

As many of you know, on Monday, we went to the OB for our regular weekly checkup and through a sonogram found out that our amniotic fluid levels were nearing "dangerously low" levels. What can this mean? Without the fluid, he is not so buoyant, which can cause him to prolapse onto his umbilical cord - not good. I was sent home for two days and told to drink massive amounts of water and take it easy.

In addition, we continue to struggle that he has yet to turn. He is in what they call a Frank Breech presentation. This means that his butt is aimed down, towards the birth canal, and his legs stick straight up in front of his body - his feet are right by his head - this is what he looks like right now in my belly:

With that said, though, we did get some great sonogram pictures -

FACE - Can you see his eye?

Boy Parts

Foot - Can you see the toe bones? (Hint: Top left)

Arm and Hand - He has his hand in a fist

In the 33rd week - here is where we are:

I am 40" around!

The baby is about the size of a Honeydew Melon:

Or a Pineapple:

Or even a medium pumpkin - so proper since its Halloween!

He weighs in at about 4.5 - 5.0 pounds - and I am definitely feeling that now!

We will have our followup OB appointment today and will keep everyone up to date!

Have a great week!

Melanie & Jonathan


Dustin & Kate said…
Flip, little boy, flip! Increase, amniotic fluid, increase!

Please make sure to post an update after your appointment today! Prayers that your fluid levels have gone up!

I LOVE your Halloween costumes! I've already told Dustin that if I ever happen to be huge preggers on Halloween, we are totally dressing up as Juno and Paulie. Now we know who to go to in order to borrow our costumes! Ha!
Sarah said…
Hey - that is exactly how Adrian was - frank breech. The neonatal nurse attending the C-section announced as they were about to pull him out, "Butt first! What a message to the world!" (Of course, this nurse was a man.) :P

And OH. MY. GOD. Your costumes are so freaking awesome. I totally would never have thought of that! I am kind of jealous that your costumes are so creative and mine is just a lame store-bought one!
The Alpert Fam said…
Hey Melanie, to just wanted to tell you to not be discourage about the breech presentation. Cason was breech for a long time. Don't forget spinningbabies.com. Altough I wouldn't try any of the postions till your fluids are up.

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