32 Weeks

Well, we are now closing in on our 33rd week of pregnancy. It is truly amazing how fast time has flown! We both still feel as if there is so much left to do! The good thing, I suppose, is that I only have 3 weeks left of work, which allows me the time to stay home and make final preparations :)

We had two baby showers this week - one at my mom's house and one at the Fed Ex Offices! Yeah! They were both so much fun!

At my mom's, it was a small and quaint group, but I swear that we couldn't stop laughing the whole time! The cake was awesome as you can see here :)

The games were a blast too! We played "Don't say Baby" with paci necklaces and we had a tie between Valerie and Angela. Then we played "Play Doh Babies" - I had to be the judge......

We had a conception baby (the round ball with the toothpick) - Valerie, the Buddha baby - Kate, the anatomically correct baby - Leslie, and the steamrolled baby - Angela! LOL. In the end, Kate won :)

At the Fed Ex baby shower we had about 30 people in attendance! It was great fun! I even took the liberty of sneaking a very small bite of the cake, which was incredible!

Here is the cake:

Here was the enjoyment of the cake (Yes - That is the godfather!):

The gifts were great - the conversation and laughs were even better! Thank you to each of you that showed up to congratulate us - It was great to see everyone.

We played a couple of games:

* Name the baby - (This was more for fun - the name was not announced :) )

* Guess the Due Date - Which Jonathan now has pinned to the outside of his cubicle

* Name the kids from the following TV families, which included the Cosby Family, The Waltons, Family Ties and more.

We are both so blessed to have friends and family that love us so much to do so much for us!

Let's see.....Next......

I had an OB appointment on Friday and found out that my blood sugar levels were not being maintained well enough with diet, so we added a prescription medicine that regulates blood sugar, to my pill regimen. Man! I'm up to 8 pills every night (Vitamins included.) Also at that visit, I found out that we are now starting our weekly OB visits, rather than every other week. Due to the diabetes, I will be receiving an ultrasound on a weekly basis as well as a fetal stress test, in which they put two monitors on my belly for 20 minutes and they record his heartbeat as well as his movement. So far so good!

We are excited since we get to meet our midwife for the first time next Monday! :)

Otherwise, we're great! Just working away, little by little, on organizing the nursery, kitchen and bathroom for our little man.

We did go and purchase our crib mattress :) I was soooo excited!!!

So - Here is what is going on at 32 weeks:

* The baby weighs about 4 pounds and is about 16" inches long
* His fingernails and toenails are completely formed.
* He can turn his head from side to side.
* His sucking reflex is completely developed.
* He has begun to dream - Having complete REM and non-REM sleep cycles :) I wonder what he dreams about?

He is about the size of a jicama

Or a bag of Potatoes

And I am at 38" in circumference - I keep going up and down due to the 1900 calorie diet that I've been put on! Fortunately, I have stopped losing weight and gained 4 pounds between my last two visits - only 7 days apart! Crazy!

Here is my prego 32 week belly:

Have a great week!

Jonathan & Melanie


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