31 Weeks

We are completing our 31st week of pregnancy! YEAH.

I must say that the third trimester has been the hardest, with a ton of physical maladies to worry about and deal with, including lots of pain and being put on bedrest for a few days - YUK! Oh well, I guess I can say that there is now a light at the end of the tunnel!

I have noticed that our little man is hiccuping a LOT more than normal. I guess he is just filling out the final development of his lungs :)

With the gestational diabetes, we had to go see a perinatologist (high risk OB) to get a level 2 sono of the baby. In this sono, they were to determine that the baby is not getting too big, which is a huge cause for concern with diabetes. They also check his heart, the amniotic fluid and other small things that can be complications of my gestational diabetes.

As of last Tuesday, he weighed appx. 3 lbs 12 oz. and is in the 48th percentile for overall growth, which is good at this point! He is still dating ahead of schedule by about 5 days, but only he (and God) know when he will want to come into this world. The only thing that we saw, was that he is in a completely breech position at this time. We are not worried, yet, though, as we still have a few weeks until delivery.

The ultrasound was amazing! Without it being a 4D ultrasound, you could actually see his face! Wow!

Well, I am getting excited. I only have 4 weeks left of work, before I stay home for good awaiting this little guy! I'm hoping that those last weeks will give me time to straighten the nursery up before he comes!

At 31 weeks, here is where we stand:

I am 38.5" around. I was at 39", then dropped to 38" (and lost a pound), and finally am picking up a little weight again. This - mind you - is all due to the 1900 calorie diabetic diet that we have been put on.....yuk!

The baby, on the other hand, IS gaining weight (pushing nearly 4 pounds) and is about 17-18" long. About the size of a soccer ball:

Talk to everyone soon! Hope you're having a great week!


Jonathan & Melanie


Sarah said…
Wow, that ultrasound is amazing! The 4D sonograms creep me out though, because it looks like a picture of a baby in a coffin :\
Dustin & Kate said…
Hi Melanie! Hang in there! You are definitely nearing that light at the end of the tunnel. :)
Also wanted to ditto your statement that he still has plenty of time to turn head-down. Nora did not flip over until 37 weeks! I could actually feel it happen and see my stomach change shape as she turned. (Very weird!) So, he just might need a little more time. :)

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