36 Weeks

Hello everyone!

We are well into our 36th week of pregnancy! Yeah!

In this last week, we have finished 95% of the baby's room and just await some paintings for the room that a good friend of ours is painting for us! We will post pictures next week when the room is completely done.

We had our 36 week checkup on Friday. Jonathan had to work, so my mom came with me for the fetal stress test and ultrasound. Here is a picture of the fetal stress test that I undergo each week -

..........and although I am not dilated at all, I am almost completely effaced. Wow. Doctor says it is due to the pressure of his bottom on the topside of my cervix.

I actually had my first contraction while eating dinner at Genghis Grill last week, which was quite an interesting feeling! Jonathan was perfect through it too! Just as we practiced.

Unfortunately, though, after visiting the chiropractor 3x this past week to undergo the Webster technique that is 90% effective, the baby is being stubborn and refuses to turn the correct way. At this point, I was asked by my OB to attend one more session before we have to make the final decision. At this late of date, and with the complications that we have had, he is running out of room (and fluid) to turn.

Technically, my OB would be willing to try and deliver him butt first, but the risk associated with that is the fact that if his head were to get stuck, the chances of survival are slim. So, with that said, we now have a tentative scheduled C-Section date of Thursday, December 3, 2009 - one week early. The reason that we have to take him at 39 weeks is the fact that she can't risk me going into labor with him in the Frank Breech position.

Jonathan and I are a little bummed that it ended up like this after all the preparation for natural childbirth, but we feel as if we tried everything we could. In the end, we want a healthy mom and healthy baby!

Even with this said, we are also super anxious and excited to meet him! We have both wanted a baby for so long and here we are living out God's plan to become parents to this new little life.

I am becoming increasingly more and more uncomfortable each day. Excessively high and low blood sugar spikes, extremely swollen feet, inability to breathe, leg and hip pain and oh so much more! I am definitely ready for this guy to be here!

Let's see.....On Friday, we went and spent some time with Jonathan's brother, Philip, his wife Lena and their baby girl, Cate.

Jonathan had never seen "Night at the Roxbury" - so we made him watch it after Cate went to sleep - I totally forgot how funny that movie was!

Well, at 36 weeks, this is where we are:

I am a whopping 40.25" in circumference and have gained 8 lbs. this past week alone! My doctor assured me that most of that is water weight :)

The baby is doing nothing, really, except for gaining lots and lots of weight! Packing it on for birth. He is approximately the size of a beach ball now and weighing in at about 6 lbs. and measuring about 20.25-20.75 inches in length.


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