OB Update

Just to let everyone know - today we had our 35 week ultrasound (we are 35 weeks and 2 days)

I misspoke when I mentioned that amniotic fluid levels are measured on a scale of 1-10. My OB told me today that it is a 1-20 scale. Therefore, the level 6 that I was at a week and a half ago was pretty scary! As you've read, we were able to increase the levels to an 8 last week and then this week my levels varied from 11-13 in the four quadrants of the amniotic sac! YEAH!

Baby is healthy & happy - very active! He is very stubborn, though, just like his mom! Turn baby turn!

We are going to try the Webster technique by my chiropractor on Monday to see if he can cause a turn. Otherwise, at 38 weeks, if he has not turned, we will have to schedule a c-section..... :(

With that said, though, the goal is healthy baby - healthy mom!

Keep us in your prayers!



The Alpert Fam said…
If the webster doesn't work will you doctor do an external inversion?
We talked about an external inversion, but there are a few reasons that we decided not to go that route:

1) She would have to do it in the hospital with an epidural ($$$) + it is drugs to the baby....

2) There is less than a 50% success rate

3) My doc really doesn't want to do it - would rather me try other methods.

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