End of our 35th Week

Wow....Can I just say....Wow!

We are ending our 35th week! Officially in our 9th month and only 1 month to go before our little baby boy is here. Amazing!

This week has been quite a whirlwind of activity!

Beginning last Monday, we started our hospital childbirth class, which Jonathan blogged about last week.

On Wednesday, we interviewed our last two pediatricians - totaling four. We thought that we had already found the perfect doctor, but we decided to keep these two appointments just to see. The first doctor was a Tech medical school grad, so I was pumped! What a letdown! He was as exciting and passionate about being there as a rock! The second doctor that we interviewed that afternoon was amazing and was now tied with the other doctor that was at the top of our list. It really took some talking and lists and what not to finally choose one and it came down to a male or female pediatrician. Considering that this is the doctor that you see for any troubles that you may have with breast feeding, we decided to go with the female doctor. Pretty cool, though, she was married one weekend after we were :)

Wednesday night we went and picked up an awesome glider and ottoman that I had found on Craigslist! It's perfect and matches the baby's room splendidly!

On Thursday, we had our Breastfeeding class, which Jonathan was excited that there were more guys in there than he originally anticipated! That class was quite informative and we had a hoot of an instructor! Some interesting things that we learned:

* If it hurts, you're doing something wrong

* It takes 21 days for a baby to really create "memories" of what he is doing, so it takes 3-4 weeks before you should really start becoming discouraged if it's not going how you wanted it to go.

On Friday, we had another OB appointment, which I blogged about on Friday. Stubborn baby won't turn!

Saturday was my little nephew's 2nd birthday. We were so disappointed that he was all the way up in Ohio, so we couldn't be there, but I saw tons of pictures and it looked like he had a great time!

That day, we also went up to my office and gathered the rest of my things, since this Tuesday is my last day of work. This included the bookcase that is now in the baby's room. The sad thing?I have more books than I have room on a 6' tall bookcase! LOL.

That evening, our good friend Meredith was married. She looked stunning and now is in Hawaii on her honeymoon - Brings back memories of when we were there. I really hope that she remembers to eat Puka Dogs!

Here is a picture of us at the wedding - boy I'm showing that pregnancy swell ;)

Sunday was fun! Jonathan and I installed the carseat into his truck! YEAH! Actually, he installed it - I watched :) I even pulled out an old doll of mine to practice on - It's called a La Newborn and simulates a real sized newborn! It was actually great practice:

Reading the instructions

Installing the base

Installing the Carseat

The work of a proud Daddy!

Practicing with baby

Today (Monday) I went to Dr. Bonds, our chiropractor, to try the Websters Technique out. This adjustment of the pelvis and round ligaments has a 90% success rate of turning babies from breech to the optimal cephalic presentation! Let's just pray that he turns - Considering 97% of babies have turned to the correct position by now - It becomes more frustrating every day! I have 2 more sessions this week before my next OB appointment this coming up Friday.

Well, that's what is going on in our life - Here is what is going on in our 35th week:

* His development is pretty much complete, so he is just packing on the pounds - probably weighing around 5.5 pounds or so now and about 18 - 20" long.

About the size of a honeydew melon:

Or a Throw Pillow:

Here's my 36 week belly - Measuring in at 40" around:

Things that we still have to do:

* Pack our bags
* Finish organizing the nursery
* Install the second carseat base into my car
* Create the family "call/text" list

Then what I'd like to do is have the following completed before he gets here:

* All Christmas decorations up
* All Christmas presents purchased and wrapped - ready to go
* Our honeymoon scrapbook FINALLY completed

Till next week!

Melanie & Jonathan


Dustin & Kate said…
Wow - Y'all really are about to meet your sweet baby boy! So exciting! I'll keep praying that he turns, but most of all I'll be praying for a healthy baby and mommy on delivery day. :)

Also - Wanted to tell you that breastfeeding might hurt even if you're doing it right! They told us the same thing about breastfeeding in our classes, but Nora nursed like a champ and it still hurt really badly for the first few weeks. Same thing with just about every nursing mom I know. (I think I maybe know one mom who says nursing was pain-free.) So, anyway I seriously do not know why they tell people that! My advice is that it might hurt but keep at it, because eventually the pain will subside! :)

Sorry for the novel, just didn't want you to automatically assume a little pain meant you were doing something "wrong."
Sarah said…
Wow you've gotten big! Also, I love how you use the word "install" for the car seat base...like it's hard...lol. :P It'll get to the point where you can strap the baby into the car seat in about 5 seconds flat.

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